NHL Bets 2-28-2019

Feb 28 I have one play:

VGK -1.5 +137

I’ve been right betting on, then against Florida in back to back games.

Will be a tough one for the Panthers and I think VGK will show up for Subban tonight.

posted by dnegs

Feb. 28 2019 7:05pm

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    Why do you think Vegas will win ? If you convince me, I will bet on them as well.
    So far, I bet on Tampa (NHL) and Golden State (NBA)

    posted by Djmz2010

    Feb. 28 2019 7:09pm
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    it's a bad night tonight..... I lost a few games

    posted by Djmz2010

    Feb. 28 2019 9:09pm
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    Yeah . Vegas won but not how I expected. Lets get it back!

    posted by dnegs

    March 1 2019 8:12am

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