Betting on the same team in the NHL

Well, I am new here, my name is Damiano, I am italian but I live in Sweden. My idea is betting on the same team, over and over again. Maybe the money is not that much , but the pct. of winning maybe is higher. I would only bet on Ottawa and Anaheim. the 2 worst teams in the league. For example, on Ottawa I would always betting they loose. 1st game I bet 10 USD and I loose (@1.60), second time I bet and lose 15 USD (@1.95) and third time I bet 35 USD (and I win @ 1.80, winning 63 USD). The money is low but sure. Both teams have less the 50% winning pct, so they should loose every 2 of 3 games.

posted by Djmz2010

Feb. 13 2019 8:02am

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    Hey there, welcome here!

    That sounds like a reasonable strategy. I’ve done a similar system in baseball a few times with some success. But there is always a time when you hit a bad streak and it get expensive to keep playing.

    I’m going to keep an eye on those two teams. Good luck!

    posted by ricky

    Feb. 13 2019 8:17am
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    Well, baseball and hockey are good sports for 2 good reasons, they both have games every 2/3 days at least and they play a lot of games. Also, what I think is to wait 1/3 of the season so you can see the momentum of the teams and then, maybe after 20-30 games of the season, we should pick the worst teams (at least, they loose 1 or 2 games every 3). I am tired to bet here in europe on football (well, soccer for you) because there is also the draw. Even if in baseball and hockey there are the OTs, but not very often. That's my idea

    posted by Djmz2010

    Feb. 13 2019 8:34am
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    I like it! I’m going to watch it for a few days and see how it does. Lets roll!

    posted by dnegs

    Feb. 13 2019 8:45am
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    I already bet on Ottawa (losing to Detroit, @2.25, tomorrow night) but I don't know if I have also to bet on Anaheim for tonight (losing to Vancouver, @2.45)

    posted by Djmz2010

    Feb. 13 2019 9:09am
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    I’m on Vancouver tonight too. Good luck to us Djmz2010!

    posted by dnegs

    Feb. 13 2019 9:03pm

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