Super Bowl LIII: Pats vs Rams

The current line is:
New England Patriots -3 over Los Angeles Rams

The total is set at 57.

Damn, I hope the Pats don't win again but how can you bet against them?

posted by ricky

Jan. 29 2019 11:09pm

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    U know who’s refing the super bowl last time out Saints and Rams 4 refs where from California??

    The Rams kicker can kick field goals from 60 Yards hmmmm

    posted by takis28

    Jan. 30 2019 9:58am
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    That Rams kicker can maybe do 70 hhhahhaha. he is insane

    posted by ricky

    Jan. 30 2019 10:40am
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    From what I read, it's the reffing crew where the Rams went 7-0. Which means absolutely nothing except if they are a flag happy crew, then the Rams could be in trouble as Robey-Coleman was mugging the receivers throughout the game vs the Saints and he wasn't flagged.

    I already placed my huge bet at Rams +3-110 and it has something to do with the lop-sided bet money on the Pats at the moment. It could even out by the kick off, but unless all books move the line to Pats -3, it probably won't happen.

    posted by jkecc

    Jan. 30 2019 12:42pm
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    All I keep on hearing is that you cannot bet against the GOAT and the public is all over the Pats. Yes, he is an old GOAT at that. A WV book moved their line to Rams +3 in hopes of drawing more Rams money, but instead it drew even more Pats money by far. I guess the rednecks in WV is thinking they better bet the Pats before the line goes up any higher.

    Below is the tweet I found by David Purdum.

    Sportsbook @HollywoodCCTR in West Virginia is heavy on New England: "When the line moved to 3 here, it didn’t really slow down the action on the Patriots. The largest 5-figure play we took on them happened after the line moved to 3."

    posted by jkecc

    Feb. 1 2019 11:02am
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    New England -128


    posted by takis28

    Feb. 2 2019 12:57pm

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