NHL GOY Dec 18

One play for me GOY for 2018


R 4-7-1

posted by takis28

Dec. 18 2018 11:23am

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    😱😱😱 good luck bro. lets roll 💰💰💰

    posted by ricky

    Dec. 18 2018 11:25am
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    Dec 18 Play:

    Edmonton (In Reg) -1.05

    Good luck. And go Sabres too, pulling for you takis28!

    posted by dnegs

    Dec. 18 2018 3:23pm
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    line movement on Sabres don't like it 82% 0n them line drops ,30 cents to 1.15 wow sticking with this play still gl guys nice hit yesterday dregs stay hot. 😁

    posted by takis28

    Dec. 18 2018 6:56pm
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    Tough day yesterday. Edmonton shit the bed. Buffalo was dominating for two periods then fell apart. We’ll get them back!

    YTD 21-31-1 for 6.29 Units

    posted by dnegs

    Dec. 19 2018 11:42am
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    I watched the game and I said to my self did the refs get paid horrible call to call penalty shot I can see power play but penalty shot give me a break.

    I new I was in trouble with line movement 82% on Bufs line went down in fav of Florida.😤

    posted by takis28

    Dec. 19 2018 12:12pm
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    Oh yeah, I saw that penalty shot. It changed the game!

    posted by dnegs

    Dec. 19 2018 12:25pm

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