NBA Finals - Sun. 6/3/18

Despite hitting on my wagers the other night (with a little help from OT), I’m not sure if I’ve ever been angrier about a game ever before (probably because it was my hometown team getting boned by horrible officiating; we’re seriously better with robots refereeing the games at this point. And everything that followed the overturned call was disgusting (hey NBA, screw all of your rules that no one knows about or are rarely used except in huge moments like these that spin everything out of control). I’m not impressed with the Warriors. They should win every game in dominant fashion with their ridiculous team. This series shouldn’t even be close. And the arrogance and unsportsmanlike antics of almost all of these guys is a joke (Draymond Green is an absolute joke of a human being; I don’t care how good of a basketball player he is, he would never play on my team; just a disgusting animal in my opinion). I don’t blame Tristan Thompson for throwing the ball at that piece of trash’s face. And we all know why the NBA didn’t suspend Thompson or Love for this game: because they know the refs f’ed that game up. On to Game 2.

Side Opinion:
Cleveland +12

Total Play:
1* Cle/GS Under 215 (1.1 units to win 1 unit)

ML Play:
Cleveland +460 (0.25 units to win 1.15 units) (once again: what the heck, take a shot)

Team Total Play:
Golden State Under 114 (-115) (1.15 units to win 1 unit)

posted by jdelt88

June 3 2018 4:44pm

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