*************UCONN + 2.5***************


posted by pisswilly

April 7 2014 5:55am

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    It has been a successful tourney for me, but could have been awesome if I was more patient and waited for better lines. But, I cannot complain about 17-10-5 (especially after an 0-3 start). I have rarely played national championship games, and I will continue that trend today. I anticipated an opening line of Kentucky -3.5 (and it opened at 2.5 or 3 at most shops). At this current moment, I have Kentucky as 2 points better than Connecticut. The line sits at 2.5 right now, so I believe there is slight value in playing the Huskies. I have doubted this team for most of the tourney, like many others, but they can definitely win this game outright. I am going to pass on this game, though, and just root for the Wildcats, who I think is the better team. If I had to play it, I would roll with the Huskies, though. (I'm always fond of underdogs!)


    Good luck all! I will be back for the NBA Playoffs!

    posted by jdelt88

    April 7 2014 12:52pm
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    I'm from CT so I am showing some home town favoritism. GO HUSKIES!!! Thanks Jdelt for your write-up.



    posted by pisswilly

    April 7 2014 7:30pm
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    posted by ricky

    April 8 2014 12:02pm
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    Congrats U Conn backers..


    I did not bet the game, liked both teams, and one source I know liked Kentucky, I liked U Conn..


    Played the Boston Red Sox that dy and they finally one one.  Done till football season, good luck to all GP'ers.. see you in August. 


    posted by zmatty

    April 13 2014 7:38am
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    Oh yeah.. U Conn winning helped me win first in a longshot pool. Cool


    posted by zmatty

    April 13 2014 7:39am

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