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March Madness Tournament Pool

Everyone who wants to be in the March Madness pool needs to go to http://www.espn.com [espn.com]">www.espn.com and get a fantasy ID. Here's how.

Go to http://www.espn.com [espn.com]">www.espn.com

Click on "Fantasy" link at the top of the page

Click on "Free Registration" link

Fill out the required information on the page. Use the same ID you use for gotpicks.com so I know who you are.

This is all you need to do right now. We have decided (PC and I) that the entry fee will be $50. Ricky will be collecting money through the website donation link. Do not start paying yet. I will let you know when.




posted by gyphin

Feb. 16 2004 11:46am

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