NCAA Football

Hey fellas,
Let's try and grab a few winners today! Looks like a nice card to
haul in some $$$$ today. Will be back for an afternoon play later.

* * *. Okla. St. Over 60

UTSA certainly is not Miss. St. On def. and Gundy and the boyz will
be back to their video game ways today! UTSA Brings back 10 on off. as well
from a team the will score several points for us as well, I expect them to be able
to move the ball on the Cowboys most of the day. I see this thing at around 75 points!
Play the Over 60 with confidence!

- I also booked Ok. St. -14 first half, but it's since moved to 14- , still
like it , but just smaller.



posted by beesmart

Sept. 7 2013 11:10am

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    Afternoon plays.......both solid plays!

    Tulsa -10-

    Tulane -4



    posted by beesmart

    Sept. 7 2013 2:57pm

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