BPO THANK YOU $$$$$$$$$$

BP ,JT ,Tbone and Team,
I Thank you very much for a positive NFL
Season,JT by Far One of the BEST Handicapper
I have know.
Once Again My sincere thanks to you all
Wish us all continuous success$$$$$

Cool Rick $$$$$

posted by coolrick1

Feb. 4 2013 11:21am

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    JT bro,I wait for your college BB dogs like when
    I was seventeen haha

    Always $$$$$

    posted by coolrick1

    Feb. 4 2013 11:24am
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    Coolrick 1,

    This system that I created has been $$$$.  +5450 in profit for the month of January.  I was the #1 rated CBB handicapper by Cappers watchdog with 67% winners.  This week they system has been off a little however that's expected as you can't win them all. I'm glad that you can be a part of the profits.  My local almost cut me off last month.

    Tonight I have a 5* and two 3* plays.  Hopefully we can continue to make some $$$$$ Cool

    Thank you for your support,



    posted by jtmoney16

    Feb. 7 2013 11:47am
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    This is a marathon not sprint,sure we need to give some in order to win more$$$

    Never in Doubt ,You are an Excellent Long Term Capper $$$$$

    You are MONEY JT $$$$$

    Thank you and your Team for All the Help$$$$$

    Stay HOT
    Thank You

    Cool Rick

    posted by coolrick1

    Feb. 7 2013 5:24pm

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