BCS Championship Game

Alabama - 9.5...........UNDER 40


posted by pisswilly

Jan. 7 2013 2:20pm

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    2 wicked defenses. I can't understand why Notre Dame is getting so many points. Notre Dame is the obvious pick with that many points. This should be a 17 - 13 game. I think 30 is about the limit on the total points scored in this game. It's too wierd. That's why I am leaning towards Alabama.

    The UNDER 40 (now it's up to 40.5) I believe is the best bet tonight!


    posted by pisswilly

    Jan. 7 2013 4:41pm
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    I thought the same thing, points appear too easy and seems that most are on ND.    I got Bama winning 24-10 / 27-13.  GL


    posted by astroman

    Jan. 7 2013 8:05pm
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    I'm taking the bait fellas.

    Irish + 10.5

    Lean Under too. Teasing it too Irish +17/Under 47



    posted by starks104

    Jan. 7 2013 8:10pm

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