2013 New year's Day Winner

Long time no post, I thought I would throw a winner on the board.


Roll with me on Michigan +5 vs. South Carolina. 5***** play (my max)


Here's why:

--Michigan's losses are to Bama, ND, Nebraska, and Ohio State...all four games were on the road.

--South Carolina's offense without Lattimore doesn't really impress me.  Shaw is still aching and this team is a favorite because of the betting public and their record.

--I just can't see South Carolina pulling away and winning this thing.  Michigan has better offensive weapons and they can get in a defensive slugfest if they have too. Only Bama waxed this team, everyone else they played tough.  I think Michigan will win SU but I'm advising you roll with me on Michigan +5ish and grab that cash.


GOOD LUCK in 2013 GP!!!!




posted by pc7588

Dec. 31 2012 7:29pm

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    Happy New Year Pc!!!
    Great to hear from ya!!!
    I'm with you!

    posted by jkl711

    Dec. 31 2012 9:31pm
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    Wow, nice TD by S carolina for the push. Happy New Year's GP.  Will see ya once in a while with 4 or 5 star plays.  Can't believe I didn't win this sucker. At least it didn't lose.



    posted by pc7588

    Jan. 1 2013 4:41pm
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    I had 4.5

    posted by jkl711

    Jan. 1 2013 4:46pm
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    PC-- what happened to our Mo Valley $$$ plays??


    posted by moneycanada

    Jan. 1 2013 5:47pm
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    I'll post a few this year. hope all is well with ya MC.



    posted by pc7588

    Jan. 2 2013 11:39am

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