NFL 12-23

GreenBay under 45, Cinci/Pitt under 42,

Indy -5,  Dal -2, New England team total over 31.5


44-46 ytd NFL


posted by astroman

Dec. 23 2012 11:38am

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    NewEngland -7 2nd half

    minnesota +6.5 2nd hlf

    Green bay under 20 2nd half


    posted by astroman

    Dec. 23 2012 2:34pm
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    come on man!!!! stop gamble the the way u did. 

    Just pick the giants and 49er. and lock and lood on the Family  Guys, my favorite man. Heee. Hey Pissy....you are consistent. Where is Takis?



    posted by patsman

    Dec. 23 2012 4:11pm
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    gamble? whos gambling, just picks Laughing

    I'm pretty consistent at 50%, ha.

    Happy X-Mas Patsman!


    posted by astroman

    Dec. 24 2012 12:10am

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