jan 1st thoughts and angles

Happy New Year to All of You......make 2005 your best year ever!!

Here's something I found....surfing the net on new year's eve....

6 Ways To Win On Jan.1 & The Angles

Or I should say 6 bowl games to start your new year out right.

1.WISCONSIN AND GEORGIA IN THE OUTBACK BOWL: Remember when Wisconsin used to be good? That would be the first 9 games this season before injuries derailed their defense. Well..Their baaaack! Injuries are healed up and their veteran defensive line is about to tee off on Georgia's inexpierenced offensive line who's been going through some growing pains this year. And they want to give me 7 points? I'll take it. WISCONSIN +7

2.TENNESSEE AND TEXAS A&M IN THE COTTON BOWL: Tennessee discovered a little offense against a good Auburn defense under QB Clausen in the SEC championship game. Texas A&M saw what a good defense looks like when they ran into Texas in their last game. Tennessee is no Texas on defense and A&M is no Auburn. I'm taking the OVER (55)

3.FLORIDA ST. AND WEST VA. IN THE GATOR BOWL: Florida St. has been a big disappointment this year. West Va. has been a bigger diappointment. Florida State's offense stinks. West Va.'s offense stinks. Florida St. defense really good. West Va. defense not bad. Does anyone here really trust Chris (I choke in big games) Rix to lead this team to win by 2 scores? Sorry I'll just take the under and move on. The UNDER (45.5)

4.IOWA AND LSU IN THE CAPITOL ONE BOWL: This is a much different story than last year for LSU. They're not in Louisiana this year. And they only have 12 starters returning off of their championship team. Luckily most of the returnees are on defense. Same situation for Iowa. Only 2 return on offense. But 7 return on defense. Iowa has had a revolving door of injuries to running backs this year. LSU has played musical chairs with their two erratic QB's this season. They won't have as much success against this team as they've had lately against some of the weaker defenses in the SEC like Arkansas or Mississippi. Iowa won't have much success running the ball on LSU either. But I still expect them to score enough to keep the game interesting. And they have the best coach in the Big 10 next to Tressel in Ferentz. I like the coaching matchup, but Saban has his bags packed and is already halfway out the door leaving one swamp for another swamp in Florida. But i liked Iowa even before Saban sprung the bad news on the cajuns. Taking IOWA +7

5.TEXAS AND MICHIGAN IN THE ROSE BOWL: Michigan started the year out slow behind their freshman QB, but started getting into the swing of things after Notre Dame woke em up. The Horns have one thing this year that they've sorely needed for a long time. A great defense. Thanks to Greg Robinson coming in from the pros and showing those lost souls what it's all about. Now if they just find an offensive coordinator to go along with him they would find themselves in the BCS Title game. Michigan has played great against good passing teams thanks to their great pair of DB's. Some of the best in the nation. But they haven't played that great against rushing teams like Michigan State and Minnesota. The Wolverines offensive line is another big strength of the team. And I think they're going to give the Horns some problems there. Neither team travels well. But Michigan don't have to face one of those hometown Pac 10 teams this year. Plus we're talking the second best team in the Big 12 against the Big 10 champ. I like Texas here. But only by the slimmest of margins. If their going to give me points and the Wolve's I'm going to take it. MICHIGAN +6

6.UTAH AND PITT IN THE FIESTA BOWL: Utah has had an outstanding year in what was a very weak conference. Pitt has had an ok year in a not quite as weak conference. Utah's offense has played lights out in just about every game this year. So far it's been pretty much unstoppable no matter who their competition has been. Pitts offense has come on in the last few games. But except for West Va. who they only scored 16 points on, it's been against some weak pass defenses. Utah is a little better than that on their pass defense since they face a pass happy team about every week in the MWC. Pitts defense on the other hand hasn't played nearly so good. That's a bad sign against a UTAH team that likes to beat up on BCS teams. Since Boise State lost, UTAH is looking to be the only non BCS team to go undefeated this year. I believe their not only going to do it, their going to make a statement to the BCS. Taking UTAH -16.5


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Jan. 1 2005 1:35am

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    Your post on thoughts and angles were more informative then all those so call touts!!! I have read or heard about 70%of those bullshit touts and never trusted them.. as by looking at their record this year... alot of them are not even 50% winners. I just looked and didnt care, but your post on angles i like alot!!! I just wanted to give you a BIG THANK YOU FOR POSTING ALL THE INFO...since i made money on iowa, wisconsin, michigan... i did lose on a 6 team parlay with tenn/tex over 55 and fla st/wv under 45 1/2 but that was for only $10. over all i came out ahead for the day.. and i believe thats all you could hope for everyday!! once again ... thanks for the info!!!!


    posted by bs390

    Jan. 2 2005 2:42am

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