Angle play for Oreg St versus ND

Angle Plays for Notre Dame & Oregon State


The Angle Plays are 5-2 for this bowl season. We split yesterday losing the Virginia-Fresno game by the skin of our teeth. Cudos for a determined Fresno team and that last second 4th down TD. And we called it right last night with the intangibles overwhelmingly for U Conn because of the injuries, coach defections and off field problems for Toledo.

The Miami, Ohio-Iowa St. game will be a No Play because of the inconsistences and inexpierence of both teams on the offensive side of the ball. It's hard to get a true read off of either team. I can tell you for anyone wanting to play the game that it probably will be windy in Shreveport tonight because I'm just a few hours west and it's blowing over 30 mph here. So it will probably affect the passing game of both teams, which is their primary strength on offense.

Oregon St-Notre Dame in the Insight Bowl

OSU has the #38 rated offense and #22 defense

Notre Dame has ##39 rated offense and #24 defense

OSU has faced the #1 schedule

Notre dame #10 schedule

OSU went 1-5 SU and 2-4 against bowl teams this year but outgained their opponents 369 ppg to 335

Notre Dame went 3-4 SU and ATS against bowl teams but were outgained 394-354.

OSU and ND faced 3 common opponents this year Wash, Stanford and USC. Both beat Wash. and Stanford but lost to USC. But OSU beat those two teams on the road while ND was at home.

OSU went 5-1 ATS as the favorite this year while ND was 2-2 as the dog.

OSU has the advantage at QB

ND adv. at RB

OL goes to Notre Dame

DB's go to OSU by a longshot

LB goes to ND

Coaching goes to OSU by a longshot with ND operating with interim coach.

Intangibles go to OSU playing in Arizona in Pac-10 country the fans should be solidly behind them. And ND coach situation.

PREDICTION: When a team like OSU has faced the number 1 schedule in the country and come out on the winning side you have to take a close look. I don't envy anyone who's had to open the season up on the road against LSU and Boise St. They've also had to face Arizoan St. on the road. And Cal and USC on top of that. If OSU had a better running game they probably would have won at least 2 more of their games. But their defense carried them through this year. Which I think will happen here. The intangibles are on OSU's side with the game being played in Arizona, where they've already played twice this year. Plus the coaching by far goes to OSU. ND will be trying to win this game for fired coach Willingham, but I believe they will be finding the going tough against this #22 defense. The two teams are about even talentwise, but OSU is playing better as a team having won 5 out of their last 6 games and Notre Dame losing 3 out of their last 5 games. PREDICTION: Oregon St. -3.5


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Dec. 28 2004 5:31pm

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