Angle play for Virg versus Fresno St.

Angle Plays For Virginia-fresno St.


The Angle Plays stand 4-1 so far this bowl season. With the lone loss coming with UCLA coming up short after losing their QB and playing some of the sloppiest football that they've played all year. But these are things that we can't control. I hope to get back on the horse this week starting with:

Virginia vs Fresno in the MPC Computers Bowl

Both teams come in at 8-3

Virginia is rated #16 on offense and #18 on defense

Fresno is rated #42 on offense and #41 on defense

Offensive line strength goes to Virginia

Defensive line Virginia

Linebackers Virginia

Defensive backs Fresno

Special teams goes to Fresno #33 to Virginia's #68

Surface goes to Fresno. Both play on natural grass. But Fresno played Boise St. on the "Smurf Turf" earlier this season.

Virginia is the highest ranked team #18 to ever play in MPC Bowl.

The Cavs have faced 7 bowl caliber teams and outscored them by an average of 26-21

Fresno has faced 3 bowl caliber teams outscoring them by an average of 36-24.

Virginia under Al Groh are 4-6 ATS as away favorites.

Fresno is 2-1 ATS as away dogs this year.

Virginia has had the toughest schedule #28 to Fresno's #105.

The intangibles in this game would have to go the Fresno. They will have plenty of fans at the game and being in Boise the WAC crowd should be overwhelmingly in Fresno's corner.

Virginia is the more expierenced team with 8 seniors and 16 upperclassmen.

Fresno has 5 seniors and 12 upperclassmen.

PREDICTION: Fresno is obviously excited about coming to Boise and knocking over another giant. Many of the intangibles here favor Fresno, but the players on this Virginia team have said they are determined to make up for that last game loss to Virginia Tech and end this season on a winning note for all the seniors. They said they have heard the Fresno players like to come out before the game and intimidate other teams. They also said "that kind of nonsense isn't going to work on us". Virginia boasts the top rushing attack in the ACC led by a massive offensive line against an undersize Fresno defensive line. Even the solid top 20 defense of Ga.Tech said this Virginia team simply wore them down with their running game. Fresno simply don't have the depth on defense to hold this Virginia down. Virginia has what many people say are the best linebacker corps in the country. I believe Fresno will have a lot of trouble running on this team. And will have to go almost exclusively to the pass. Which could spell danger for this team. Fresno has had an easy time of it in the last 5 games playing teams that are ranked no better than 88th on defense and most toward the bottom of Division 1 football.. They won't have that luxury with this Cavs team who has played 3 top 20 defenses in the last 3 games with 2 of them coming on the road to end the season. I believe that Fresno's #41 ranked defense is going to have their hands full all day with this determined Cavs team. PREDICTION: Virginia -5.5


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Dec. 27 2004 1:17am

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