For Monday's MPC Computer Bowl

HSW(MPC Computers Bowl)


For those who didn't get the free code for the MPC Computers bowl from HSW, call (808)791-200 enter the code 2124, on Monday. JR said to call in the morning, if you call too early the recording should tell you when to check back. Incluced is the picks from about 54 different handicappers, as well as anything from GD West them. A list of them can found by going to this page=

http://www.hsw.com/consensus.html [hsw.com]">http://www.hsw.com/consensus.html [hsw.com]>


posted by phantom

Dec. 26 2004 11:51am

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    sorry was missing one number


    posted by phantom

    Dec. 26 2004 7:51pm

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