Kyle Baugues GOY Winner! Game of the Month TONIGHT! $300+ Gu

Kyle Baugues GOY Winner! Game of the Month TONIGHT! $300+ Guarantee!

We went 5-1 last night and won our Never Lost Game of the Year with Bowling Green that was so strong I was offering a $300+ guarantee if it lost. Tonight we have our Game of the Month and are sticking to the VERY SAME gurantee! No other Handicapper holds this strong of a guarantee! E-mail us at Kbaugues@gmail.com for details.

We are a privately held company that caters to our loyal clients. Our information is second to none and though we will not have a 100% win rate we traditionally do really well during the NBA season. Our Play of the Day is hitting 67% for the year! If you played only this play you would be up thousand's! We have the best GUARANTEE in the business and are Monitored! A lot of cappers can't say that on this board, what are you guys afraid of?

http://www.trackpicks.com/mypage.asp?h=997 [trackpicks.com]">http://www.trackpicks.com/mypage.asp?h=997 [trackpicks.com]>

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    I did not know that this was a tout site


    posted by bingcrosby

    Dec. 23 2004 4:57pm

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