NFL 11/07/2010


Last weeks 30 unit game lost and I have moved on as it happened and nothing I could do. 1st pts where as a low and the 2nd half brought us with in 2 pts for the cover.


This week I will go back to what made me + 44 units and look down the road for another hammer play.


Miami @ Baltimore  5.5 / 41  >    Ravens pk/ over 35    tease       (  6 units )


Nygiants@ Sea  7/ 41.5        Sea Hawks +7    (  5 UNITS )


Chicago@Buffalo     4/41.5      Bills+4         ( 4 units)


2 plays I like but can't pull the trigger are home dogs



Lions   Like both,


GL Jimmyz


Ytd +10.5 units posted NFL Only


posted by jimmyz623

Nov. 7 2010 11:38am

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