Please post your name and email if you are willing to chip in for the Tallahasse picks. Need 19 people; will be $50 each for a month. Must pay through paypal.com with credit card so payment is imediately available. I will sign up after receiving all payments. If someone else would like to front the service, I have no problem. We need these plays!(GOW GOM) :)


posted by sasa408

Feb. 10 2004 12:01pm

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    posted by cubsphan

    Feb. 10 2004 12:13pm
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    meangene@adelphia.net GOW GOM GOY $$$$$$$$$$$ :roll:


    posted by meangeneko

    Feb. 10 2004 1:13pm
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    count me in hopefully we can get more than 20 maybe 30 my email address malva98567@aol.com. corlfade on cbs message boards said he would sign up this weekend and post them for free please let know the status of his offer.


    posted by mikealv1

    Feb. 10 2004 1:15pm
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    I'm in. Please email me at: ericw84@hotmail.com once you guys get this ball rolling.


    posted by ericw

    Feb. 10 2004 2:19pm
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    Get 40 email so it will split $25 per month .

    I hope alot guys in your team.



    posted by gotSSS

    Feb. 10 2004 2:38pm
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    posting this for deuce on the cbs forum.his email is duecebigalo888@yahoo.com and he wanted to start a second group for the talahassee.

    depending on when you get this started,you can count me in for now.



    posted by deewlay

    Feb. 10 2004 10:54pm
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    I'm duece and i dont mind heading up this effort...i was trying to join the other group and one of the guys got mad at me for asking how many members they had...but i'm not greedy...i just want 20 so we can split the bill at 50 a piece. my email is duecebigalo888@yahoo.com ...i really want a month service and might even cover the rest if we cant hit the 20 peeps


    posted by duece-bigalo

    Feb. 10 2004 10:58pm
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    posted by tryingtowin

    Feb. 11 2004 9:46am
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    Count me in :arrow: anteup2@hotmail.com


    posted by anteup21

    Feb. 11 2004 11:18am
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    lets rock and roll yklandscaping@comcast.net


    posted by buff331

    Feb. 11 2004 11:31am
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    posted by velocity

    Feb. 11 2004 11:33am
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    Please count me in. My email address is parley28@yahoo.com. Thanks!


    posted by parley28

    Feb. 11 2004 2:27pm
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    Our group is at 16 ppl....need just a few more to make this happen

    email me at duecebigalo888@yahoo.com


    posted by duece-bigalo

    Feb. 11 2004 8:20pm
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    I'm down......jonster187@hotmail.com. Just send me the details


    posted by alan1114

    Feb. 12 2004 12:49am
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    I'm down......jonster187@hotmail.com. Just send me the details


    posted by alan1114

    Feb. 12 2004 12:51am
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    Im game for the Talahassee picks......just let me know how much and where to send.....lazyjmo@starband.net


    posted by timo

    Feb. 12 2004 12:48pm
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    We have reached 16 people now. After we reach 20, then I will ask for the money through paypal. Plays will be posted here on NBA forum and on NCAA football forum on CBS. Just trying to fill init2win while he's gone. :lol:

    %%%Tallahassee Service Plays%%%


    posted by sasa408

    Feb. 12 2004 2:24pm
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    Guys Duece started his group and allready paid for a month. If you like to chip in contact Duece. I feel there is no need to keep this group going cause the picks will find its way on cbs everyday anyway. LOL


    posted by sasa408

    Feb. 13 2004 1:21am
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    LOL found this post of the good old days :mrgreen:


    posted by ricky

    May 19 2008 11:54pm
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    Ricky that is some funny #$%(. Remember I went up there to try to find those bastards. What a great thread..I'm gonna hunt and see if I can find an old one just as good.

    Funny stuff.

    By the way..sign me up.


    posted by pc7588

    May 24 2008 5:08pm

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