Rose Bowl

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Texas VS Michigan

I post on a very well known gambling forum and this was my breakdown to them. I've been pretty damn good at making picks over the years in college football and many of you may know me by my handle.

OK let’s end the smack talk and start capping games. Texas and Utah are in, USC and OU are playing for the MNC. End of story…time to move on. I didn’t post any bowl picks on here last year because that was the close to the time of my fathers passing, the year before though I posted a 19-5 ATS record in bowl games. I’ve always had tremendous success in looking at the varied match-ups in bowl season. GL to all and comments are welcome for or against!


Well I guess if we’re gonna talk about this match-up we might as well bring up the coaches first. Mack Brown is 2-1 in his last 3 bowl games. Mack likes to run a very, very conservative gameplan when it comes to big games. What’s funny is Llloyd Carr is a close friend of Mack's…and wouldn’t you know Lloyd Carr likes to run a pretty conservative gameplan as well. Carr is 1-2 in his last 3 bowl games as well.

Talk all you want about Texas sliding in the BCS but don’t tell me Michigan didn’t back into this game with the collapse of Wisconsin at the end of the season.

While talking to a couple of Michigan alum, and viewing numerous Michigan fan sites it was interesting to me that many Michigan fans aren’t liking this Texas match-up and would much rather face Cal. It seems according to the Michigan faithful that in his 8 years as defensive coordinator at Michigan Jim Hermann has just had all kinds of hell trying to stop a dual threat QB. I mean they were going as far back as Tony Rice of ND! LOL!

Now I must be honest to say I haven’t followed Michigan as closely in the past 8 years to know if this is true or not. But I did look at some games this year and last year where they did play running QBs and found it interesting.

First will look at Michigan State (10/30) first game this year where they were matched up with a QB that is what we liked to consider a “dual threatâ€Â


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Dec. 9 2004 10:34am

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