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Week 10 System Plays


27-11 (71%) YTD in NFL, 10-1 on 'prime time plays' (5-0 SNF, 5-1 MNF).

This week I'll only have one 'prime time' play (MNF), but that will be my best bet ytd in the NFL. I like the NE but just not enough to bet on 'em this week.

Here are the plays (Final card):

Washington -3 (Posted earlier)

Cleveland +4½ (Posted earlier)

Arizona +3½ (buy ½ at bodog)

Dallas +7½ (buy ½ at bodog or mybookie), best bet YTD

As I stated many times, it is up to the reader to decide wether or not he will follow or fade those plays, buy pts or not. Thanks to my ytd winning %, I can afford to pay the extra juice occasionally.

Good luck whatever you decide to do.

Systems supporting this week's plays:

Washington -3

Play ag. 3- @D off HDW, opp. off W. 15-1 SU, 14-1-1 ATS L14Y

Play on 3- HF off 7+ @W as 3+ @D, weeks 7+, 11-3 SU and ATS L13Y

Cleveland +4½

Remember that 15-0 ATS system supporting Pittsburgh against the Eagles in week 9 ? Well this time we will fade that team because historically, those teams do not cover the spread the following week.

(4-10-1 ATS, 3-8 ATS if favored, 2-5 SU, 1-6 ATS if on the road).

Play against 7- @F off HDW, opp. off @D L/L. 10-2 SU, 11-1 ATS L9Y.

Arizona +3½

Play on 3- HD off @D 3-W. 17-6 SU and 20-3 ATS L13Y.

Play ag. tm off 7+L as 7+F, opp off DW. 10-0 SU and ATS since weeks 10+

Dallas +7½

Play ag. 7-F off 1st loss/season, weeks 6+. 21-1 ATS L12Y.

Play on MNF HD2+, both teams off L. 8-0 SU and ATS L13Y.

Play on H MNF team, both off L, weeks 10+. 10-0 SU, 9-1 ATS.


posted by phantom

Nov. 9 2004 2:49pm

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    Greenbay -3


    posted by dallasslate

    Nov. 12 2004 3:31pm

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