$$$Jink Pick 10* MNF$$$

Good afternoon guys, last night was sweet we hit another 10* on Sunday night which brings our record at 6-3 and MNF 6-2 pending tonight game between...... Minny at Colts.....The "No Smoking" sign is lit. Please lift your tray and make sure your seat is in the upright position. Turn off the cell phone. Fasten your seatbelts Elvis is coming into your living room LMAO!!!!. D Cullpeper and Peyton Manning are ready for liftoff.

Play physical football, the Vikings prefer the finesse approach, but they have a big line and the potential to run the ball very well. The Colts were overmatched physically by the Chiefs last week, and the Vikings need to open up their passing game after a weak effort against New York. Play action isn't a threat for Culpepper right now, but imagine how effective a run fake would be after M Moore or Moe Williams pounds in a rushing touchdown.

Commit to the run. Yes, both the Vikings and Colts would be well suited to put the restrictor plates on their NASCAR offenses this week. Why? Both teams are coming off losses. Both defenses are vulnerable to the power game. Both offenses have shown signs of the "predictables" in recent weeks, Minnesota's against the Giants and Indy's against the Jags two weeks ago.E James needs his carries. The defense needs a breather. And fans who watch the game have to be up for work the next day LMAO (just kidding!)

The Colts and Vikings are actually 2nd and 5th in the NFL in offensive points scored. The Packers are third: makes sense. The Chiefs are fourth: no problem. The Chargers are first. The Chargers. The Chargers!

Randy Moss is supported by one of the deepest receiving corps in the league. Marcus Robinson is big and experienced: he can beat his man deep but can also out-jump his defender. Robinson lacks lateral quickness and doesn't run great routes. Nate Burleson is a better route runner and plays bigger than his size. He has sneaky speed, while Kelly Campbell has just plain old speed. When the Vikings go four-wide, opponents have few choices. Double Moss, and the others will beat you. Sit in zone, and watch Moss tear you up but Moss is out baby. The Colts will try to use Cover-2 and Cover-3 zones to contain the Vikings passing game, but they lack the manpower to really shut the Vikings down.

With Moss out, the Vikings offense is scary but not terrifying. That will allow Manning with a healthy dose of Edge to prevail in the shootout.

Trends: Minnesota - 2-10 ATS after playing as a home favorite

Indianapolis - 13-3 Under after allowing 300+ passing yards

Colts 38- Minny 24

My Pick is on the Colts -7 lets roll 10*

Good luck Guys$


posted by takis28

Nov. 8 2004 5:32pm

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