UFC 94 Fight Picks Penn vs. GSP II

What a great weekend. My 2nd favorite fighter (Fitch is still my boy) looking to beat George St. Pierre AGAIN! I don't care what the refs scored that first fight, GSP got beat up and never landed anything more than a takedown on Penn in the first fight, and yes, it's no secret I think Penn is going to win. Enough on that later..here's the lines I got as of Tuesday the week of the fight:



8:00 PM 32501 BJ PENN +155


8:00 PM 32503 THIAGO SILVA +210

32504 LYOTO MACHIDA -260

7:00 PM 32505 JON JONES +145


7:00 PM 32507 DONG HYUN KIM +260

32508 KARO PARISYAN -320

7:00 PM 32509 CLAY GUIDA -105

32510 NATE DIAZ -125

5:30 PM 32511 AKIHIRO GONO +450

32512 JON FITCH -600

5:00 PM 32513 MANNY GAMBURYAN -105


4:00 PM 32515 JOHN HOWARD +285

32516 CHRIS WILSON -355


32518 JAKE OBRIEN -275

3:30 PM 32519 DAN CRAMER +145

32520 MATT ARROYO -175


posted by pc7588

Jan. 27 2009 7:36pm

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    I like Penn as well, risked 2u. Penn has shown no issue moving up in weight in the past beating Hughes, Renzo and even fighting Machida competitively. Penn has bett boxing and i think he will be fine off his back when he gets takin down. I was expecting this fight to be GSP -120/ev, couldnt believe the +175 hung out there earlier. I would take the +155 now, b/c i think it comes down tomorrow.

    Also like Machida risked 4u. Silva overrated from what Ive seen. Mendes hurt him and i dont think he is an elite competitior. He looked like shit against Sidelnikov in the fight prior. The Drwal fight was horrible, both guys gassed and his wins over Alexander (no ground game) and Irvin (KNee injury 1 min in) do nothing for me. I may eat my words but i really think Machida is far superior fighter and think the line should be a min. of -400.

    I lean on Nate Diaz as I think he eventually catches Guida. Lean on Kim as well, basically fading Karo who seems to have lost something and Kim has good Judo, but no play yet as I would like to watch some more of him and try to find more info on Karo's prep.


    posted by terpkeg

    Jan. 30 2009 8:48pm
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    UFC 94 FIght Picks:

    Main EVENT:

    I'm rollin BJ Penn to take this one. The only issue in ANY fight I've seen with BJ Penn is his conditioning. Since the PUlver fight, he's been great at cardio. GSP is inhuman on cardio, so the advantage pre fight is definietely George's. But wrestling and striking are GSP's two strong suits. Penn is the best ju jitsu practitioner and his inhuman flexibility is going to spell frustration for GSP. I've never seen BJ get knocked out (other than a TKO from injury or cardio), I've never seen BJ submitted, Baby J is one tough kid. If you watched UFC primetime, BJ hit it on the head. GSP is soft. He's incredibly talented but his mental game is weak and BJ is going to hit GSP. That's no shit. If you saw the first fight, GSP got beat up. The only reason he sneaked a decision was takedowns which BJ promptly escaped from. I see BJ putting GSP to sleep via rear naked choke in the 3rd round.

    2 units to win 3 units (+150) on BJ "the prodigy" Penn.

    Other fights:

    I as well like Kim to pull the upset. Glad to see you like that one terp. Kim looked great last time out. He is strong and looks very tough..one of the few times I think the Heat will have trouble.

    1 unit to win 2.6 units on Kim over Parisyan

    I love Clay Guida. His motor is fun to watch. But I'm tellin you guys, Nate Diaz is no joke. His brother is great and this is definetely the better fighter of the two. Everyone's expecting a fight of the night but I think opposite. Will be very technical, Guida will get on top, and Diaz will catch him in a kimora in the 2nd.

    2.3 units to win 2 units on Nate Diaz over Clay Guida

    That's all I got. There's good value in Gono over Fitch due to the long layoff and Fitch recovering from the wounds from his fight with GSP. I also think Manny Gamburyan is gonna get smoked.


    posted by pc7588

    Jan. 31 2009 11:15am
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    now we got VASELINE-GATE...........Oh my!


    posted by phantom

    Feb. 3 2009 6:54pm

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