Picks for Wed Jan 14'th

3-2 ATS yesterday

3-0 ATS in college basketball

0-2 ATS in NBA

+1.4 units

GL..see ya tonight with mine.

Blue..good hit on Phoenix.

Jdelt..good hit on Charlotte!


posted by pc7588

Jan. 14 2009 8:54am

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    Michigan/Illinois O128 - I see this game around 132 or higher

    Good Luck with all of your plays!


    posted by the_rookie10

    Jan. 14 2009 3:38pm
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    Big XII:

    Solid, solid total play. ISU and Nebraska are two of the best slow ball teams in the country. No write up with trends, I just know these two teams slow it down.

    2** on Nebraska/Iowa State under 120

    Big XII:

    I really like Baylor to take care of business offensively with A and M. Both teams can score when they want too and Baylor has been on an under tear. It's only a matter of time until they let loose again. A and M is coming off a demolishing and I think the in state rivalry will have lots of fireworks. We have a very real possiblity of overtime as well.

    1* on Baylor over `138 1/2

    Missouri Valley:

    I'll take SIU to cover that double digit spread. I know some good cappers are on the Jays, but SIU always plays Creighton tough and word in Omaha is Coach Altman and star Point Guard are again at odds. Last time this happened Stinnett sat the bench and Creighton blew a 12 point lead and lost at Nebraska. This is a huge game for SIU and a must win. I think Creighton could very well cover, but with such a low scoring team like SIU and their recent success against Creighton since I've followed the Valley, I can't advocate the high number. Creighton could very well blow them out, but I have to take the points based on the history of this rivalry, especially at the Birdcage.

    1* on SIU +10 1/2


    I'm rollin on New Orleans -4 1/2 @ Dallas. Funny line, and there's a reason for it. No Josh Howard, Kidd is playing like a JV player, and West and Paul eat the Mavericks for lunch. I'll roll on the funny side of the line.

    2** on New Orleans -4 1/2


    Hinrich is back and he should help get the Bulls in the win column. Luol Deng is still out, but the Bulls have plenty of offensive capablity. Toronto is mired in a slump and can't seem to get the offense going. Calderon, Moon, and Parker are the worst guard tandem this year in the NBA and a team like the Bulls should be able to exploit this while neutralizing Bosh with a strong interior presence. Nocioni goes off this game, mark my words.

    2** on Chicago +5

    GL tonight....


    posted by pc7588

    Jan. 14 2009 5:28pm
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    What happened to the pucks? Canadian holiday?

    in honor of the cold front sweeping SW FLA, that's right low 40s maybe even 30's tonight, here's two:

    Pitt -105

    Buffalo +180



    posted by astroman

    Jan. 14 2009 6:25pm
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    Tonight for me…..

    Duquesne -10 (bought ½) – this GW team is real bad and reeling. Lost 5 straight (UR by 12 at home, at Longwood, vs Coppin, vs Vermont, vs Hawaii by 26). They had 14 at the half last game at home. Duquesne may be the best team GW has played this year, and it’s away where they are 2-6 and got clubbed in Pitt last year by 25…and this GW team is worse. Duq has consistently beaten the lower ranked teams at home by 10+ this year.

    St Joe’s -4

    Nice to see SBU winning some games, but it’s vs an sos of 334. Their wins since Dec have come vs #301, 339, 294, 314, 287, 305, and 330. Two other games were vs Niagara at home (L by 18) and last game at home vs Duq (L by 18). SJU has been up and down but are 4-2 ATS away, with SBU 0-4-1 at home. SJU has won 13 straight vs SBU. SBU averaging 74ppg, but we’ll see how they do vs SJU.

    Running out of time, also on UR +8, think it’s too many points. Debating STL -3. I was hoping that game would be around a Pick or a dog. They got embarrassed at Xavier last game, 8-1 at home, while UMass is coming off a nice win and is 0-5 in away games.


    posted by teeks75

    Jan. 14 2009 6:46pm
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    Duke/GT under 148.5

    Gtown -6

    GTown under 143

    Richmond +8


    14-18 ytd cbb


    posted by astroman

    Jan. 14 2009 6:47pm
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    GA TECH +12.5

    SYRACUSE +6.5



    NEW JERSEY +10

    MIAMI +6

    LAKERS +3

    ATLANTA -4


    posted by blueroush

    Jan. 14 2009 6:49pm
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    Thatta boy PC!!! Thanks for the picks


    posted by titoleibowitz

    Jan. 15 2009 12:58am

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