Picks for Sat. January 3

I like this one today:

ARIZONA +2 (I can't see the Falcons stopping the Cardinals passing attack; the Cards will win a shootout, especially at home)


posted by jdelt88

Jan. 3 2009 12:05am

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    Thanks for the props fellas. glad we hit. I also want to point out that Mr. Winstrol on Ballinpicks also sent out Utah to his clients..so; good to see some of us hit on that play.

    Today, I got two I advocate:

    I like Atlanta +1 @ Arizona. All year the Falcons have surprised us and the Cards packed it in Week 14 when they knew they clinched, Turner and Ryan and that dirty bird defense should get it done against an old Kurt Warner, a gimping Boldin (if he is 100% I'll be shocked) and a running game that features the beast Tim Highwtower. Cmon, ZOna's garbage. We gotta roll the cinderellas.

    2** on the Falcons

    Big XII:

    This hurts me so much but I gotta post it because I believe it's a gift.

    Tennessee +3 against my beloved Jayhawks. We are going to lose outright but I'll take the points to be safe. Kansas is good, but young. Cole Aldrich and Brady Morningstar can't keep up with Chisom and company. I know alot about KU hoops and I would be shocked if they won this game. We won the title last year and most KU fans know that just making the dance will be a reward for this team this year. We still got Sherron and some young players, but Peral is a great coach on national TV and this game just seems too easy. Line is way fu#($ UP!

    3*** on Tennessee +3 @ Kansas in hoops.

    Have a great day and thanks for the kind words.


    posted by pc7588

    Jan. 3 2009 11:01am
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    Want to give a shout out to PC7. Thanks for the post on Utah. Not sure how long the posting will continue but as always us degerates appreciate it.

    Will tail ya today on Tenn and Hotlanta. Also playing the MVP Peyton because as long as there is time on that game clock he has a chance to win. I know public is all over Colts and line is moving the wrong way and this and that but my money is going on the Colts.

    Gl Guys Pimp


    posted by bigpimpin409

    Jan. 3 2009 12:33pm
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    Talking to myself in chat....fucking thing was crashed again....Also, just to let you guys know, when I left and went back in, got a message that "an attack on my computer was blocked"....keep that in mind fellas!


    posted by thebigmessy

    Jan. 3 2009 12:36pm
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    Sorry about Tennessee fellas..you watch that shit? The calls (in fairness both ways) were absolutely terrible but I won't bitch> KU deserved that win.

    Here's my valley including a GOW tonight:

    By the way, Atlanta is up to 2 1/2 and for those not near a TV..the reason for the Indy line movement is LT is probably not going to play with what is being diagnosed as "a separated and torn groin" God help LT that sounds painful. However, Sproles is a capable back up..if interested, I'm, on Indy at -1 for a unit.

    Pimpin..to answer your question...BP and I agreed I'm gonna stay on GP until I get back in the groove. I'm hittin about 40% on his site and like I once told GTNP, I don't like "releasing" or "selling" plays if I'm losing. SO, I'm gonna hang on GP daily through most of January and get back to my winning ways.

    Here's my valley card I would normally release on BP:

    The best game in college hoops tonight is Creighton at Illinois state in what I call a top 25 game. After early struggles, the Bluejays are really hitting their stride. Coach ALtman and Star player P'Allen Stinnett (who I have a mancrush on) have cleared the air and it's showed for Creighton. They have reeled off 6 straight and now stand at 11-2. Illinois State is having the dream season and are undefeated at 12-0. The line as of 4:30 PM EST is Illinois State -3 with no total. YOu know what, I really like the under and keep that in mind, but I am going to go with the "hotter" team. You can make argument that you can't get hotter than 12-0 but let's look at Creighton's ATS roll lately and how their season has gone:

    (From Vegas Insider)

    Creighton Last 10 Games

    Date Matchup Line Total ATS Result

    12/31/08 CREIGH 79 @INDIST 61 ATS win

    12/28/08 WICH 56 @ CREIGH 68 ATS PUSH

    12/23/08 DEPAUL 75 @ CREIGH 83 ATS WIN

    12/22/08 CREIGH 84 @FRESNO 65 ATS WIN

    12/13/08 NOCO 66 @ CREIGH 85 ATS WIN

    12/10/08 DAY 59 @ CREIGH 77 ATS WIN

    12/06/08 CREIGH 69 @STJOS 58 ATS WIN

    11/29/08 CREIGH 52 @ NEB 54 ATS WIN

    11/25/08 CREIGH 69 @ ARKLR 71 ATS LOSS

    11/16/08 NMEX 75 @ CREIGH 82 ATS WIN

    This is a tough game and not my highest rated Valley play tonight, But I'm going to take a chance on Creighton to cover and/or win this game. I think they will win, but we'll see what happens. I'm a little leary of big units on this one, because as any Valley fan will tell you, the Redbirds own Creighton the last few years. To the tune of 4-0 ATS in the last 4 meetings covering two years. I'm not going to bite though. This is a huge game to decide early pecking order in the Valley (Don't mind Evansville, they are a pretender and will fall fast once in conference) and I think you have a better coach and better players for Creighton. The caliber of competition is also a notch higher for Creighton. Illinois State will start out strong, in fact, it's gonna look like a loser at half. But Creighton will dominate 2nd half and win this thing straight up. At least, that's what I think will happen.

    2** on Creighton +3 @ Illinois State (8:00PM EST tip)

    Mo Valley #2:

    Best rated play of the day. I'll take Bradley and Mo State to go over the listed total in Missouri tonight. Mo state is garbage, I can't think of any other way to put it. They play well at home, but Bradley has been decent this year. However, this game is ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS, a run and gun. Mo State has dramatically slowed down their offense since the departure of all Valley guard Jim Ahearn, but they seem to get in a running match every time they hook up. Here' s the numbers from previous match's between the two:

    (From Vegas Insider)


    Date Matchup Line Total ATS Result

    02/06/08 Missouri St 71 @ Bradley 83 BRAD -5.5 138.0 BRAD/O

    01/02/08 Bradley 80 @ Missouri St 91 SWMO -8.5 136.0 SWMO/O

    01/27/07 Bradley 70 @ Missouri St 85 SWMO -7.5 151.5 SWMO/O

    01/02/07 Missouri St 86 @ Bradley 78 SWMO -2.5 153.0 SWMO/O

    In the last 2 years, all the games went over 150 and averaged around 160ish. Tonight's total will be listed lower because of the new styles both schools are playing. But I'm banking on a return to form. No total is listed, but when it comes out in a few hours, don't be afraid to roll the over.

    3*** On Bradley/Mo State over when it comes out.

    MO Valley #3:

    Small, small play, but I'm going to roll it and like it enough to post. Roll with me on the Shockers to cover the +3 @ Northern Iowa. WSU has played tough all year and for those that bought my plays on BP, you know I like WSU this year. THey cashed for us against Georgetown and Michigan State, and Northern Iowa just isn't there this year. THey might turn it around, but I don't see it. WSU's only shot at the post season is a strong run in the Valley, which starts tonight. I think they can pull off the upset with their young team. For those gambling next year, go hard on the Shockers early next year. This team has been through the ringer and plays tough every time out. Their SU record doesn't show it, but their ATS does. They play great defense and get after it on both ends of the court.

    1* on Wichita State +3 at Northern Iowa

    Good luck tonight. Sorry about the Vols, that game was jacked the minute the zebras felt the pressure of Phog. But I'm at least happy the Jayhawks got a big win.


    posted by pc7588

    Jan. 3 2009 4:44pm
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    #'s all over the place on the o/u, just put a large one on o123, came back with the u126


    posted by terpkeg

    Jan. 3 2009 6:35pm
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    Glad to see you on the Shockers tonight PC, I booked that one earlier. Will be riding the rest of the Valley card also. Nice hit on Utah, hope some people had the stones to hit the moneyline too

    Indy and under for me tonight, GLTA

    and good luck to everyone playing for 2nd and 3rd in the PC bowl pool :)


    posted by astroman

    Jan. 3 2009 6:59pm

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