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Mir +315 for 1 unit.

A value bet, but man, this guy is the real deal when his head is right. Noguiera is a monster and great at ju jit su, but I'm rollin Mir. He looked great under fire against Lesnar and he can trade with Noguiera anywhere in the Octagon. Noguiera looked vulnerable last time out and I think Mir can outlast him in a 5 rounder. I'm a huge Mir fan so I might be a little biased, but I believe he is a very cerebral fighter. When his confidence and head is right, only Frank Mir can beat Frank Mir. Will he be 100% mentally and physically? I don't know. But I'll take 3:1 on Mir against ANYONE.

risking 1 to win 3.15

Rashad +110 for 2 units

I hate Rashad Evans. I'm a huge Forrest fan. But cmon, look at what Evans has done. He beat everyone, and I mean everyone, the UFC put in front of him. Liddell would be favored over Forrest and Rashad knocked Chuck out. He demolished Jardine who beat Forrest. His wrestling is top flight and his strikinig is the most improved in the UFC LH division. I have to take Rashad even though I hate him.

risking 2 to win 2.2

Wanderlei Silva for 2 units

The Axe Murderer goes 3-0. Rampage's layoff is now going on a year and last time I heard, he had the LVPD tailing his ass a la O.J. I personally like both fighters but Rampage just doesn't seem in the game. Rampage will have to knock out Wanderlei to win, and personally, I don't think he can. He's 0-2 and coming off a big layoff after losing the title. Wanderlei wins this and gets the shot at Forrest/Evans winner.

risking 2.4 units (-120) to win 2 units on the Axe Murderer


posted by pc7588

Dec. 27 2008 9:17am

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    Man, everywhere I read, they talk about how bad Mir's cardio is and how good Noguiera's is. I'm tellin ya, from what I've followed of Mir, I think he had a good camp. This fight is going to be a war and I really think if anyone gases it will ge Nogueira. Heavy heavy juice on Noguiera and there's a good reason for it. But Noguiera has NEVER fought a ju jit su guy like Mir. Nog probably wins, but I can't pass on the 3:1 juice. Just don't be surprised if this fight ends up being fight of the night. I really do expect a war where we see a lot of heart out of Mir. If he gets rocked in the first round and gets clobbered, I'll be off his jock for good. But when it comes to pure talent, there are very few people in the world who's ju jit su is on the level of Mir's for his size. He is athletic and I think a lot of Nog fans are going to get surprised tonight. No one is taking Mir seriously and this is the man that defeated the Beasts Lesnar and Sylvia, and absolutely dominated in his day. I really do expect a great fight. Don't believe the bad words on Mir's camp (I'm talkin to you 5oz of pain.com) being bad or he's injured. He is way too smart of a fighter to not get in the ring at a 100%.

    I just hope I'm not way off base. I really want Mir to get the respect his talent deserves. Let's see if his work ethic translates to a victory tonight.

    Lovin Rashad more and more

    Like Wanderlei, but let's see how Rampage looks after firing trainer Juanito.


    posted by pc7588

    Dec. 27 2008 11:20am
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    2-1 ATS

    Mir with the big win. +3.15 units

    Rashad as predicted +2.2 units

    Rampage knocked Silva the F out! -2.2 units

    Good result, see ya for BJ/GSP..and yes I'm playing the dog. Penn will destroy St.Pierre..you heard it here first.

    And welcome back Jon Fitch. That BS over the video game is no reason for the UFC to drop ya, but after reading your site, sounds like my boy is back in 09.


    posted by pc7588

    Dec. 29 2008 3:16pm
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    Nice hits PC

    Completely agree Penn is the play. I thought this would be lined at a pick. I got +175 at BM a while back. I suggest anyone looking to play Penn to hammer the +160 at 5dimes currently b/c even if you want to make your play smaller, you should be able to hedge of for profit prior to fight. I see alot of bj $$ coming in late.


    posted by terpkeg

    Jan. 8 2009 5:27pm

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