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My picks since June 21 on this site are 20-3. I havnt kept that rate up overall (i have not posted all of my plays here), but i have been consistantly increasing the roll. Maybe this place is my good luck charm

Now that I have jinxed myself......here are your losers for the tonight.

Wiman over Miller 2u/1.9u -(can get +105 at 5D) i respect Miller's all-around game. he was a college wrestler at vtech and trains under a renzo blackbelt. he does not excel on the feet but is formidable, however, his ground game and top control are excellent. i think wiman has more power and is more explosive if he can keep the fight up and i think he will be able to. against tavares wiman looked great off his back imo. was real active, got the fight back to the feet against a high level black belt who also has great top control.

would think this line was accurate (close to a pick em), but wiman has been training for a top notch wrestler (frankie edgar) while Miller was on his honeymoon. got back last sunday and took the fight the next day. im sure he stays in good shape, but not having a full camp and having to prepare and cut the weight down on short notice has got to take something out of you.

Sanchez over McCully 1.5u/.9u- McCully is talking about moving to lhw if he losses, i think he may be on his way out the door. Sanchez has much more power. McCully is a grappler, but Sanchez should be prepared and his td defense should be good enough to wear McCully down and win this one 75% of the time. If McCully can't lay and pray (see Hardonk fight), and Sanchez stuffs his shots and puts him against cage, he will hurt him.

Goulet over Swick .3u/1.1u - Swick's last two fights at 170 have not been thrilling. He should have dominated Burkman put did not. He did dominant Marcus Davis on the ground, not wanting to stand with the former boxer (Davis claims injury really held him back). Swick says he is the healthiest he has been in years and i am sure he wants to put on an impresive performance. Insert Goulet. Only three fights in his career have gone the distance. He is a kickboxer and would prefer to keep the fight standing. Should be an exciting fight with little chance of going the distance. Goulet's problem is he has a bad chin. Kos hurt him standing, Hirinoka dropped him last time out (fight of the night, goulet survived and won). Just think Swick may get a little over agressive on the feet and get caught. More of an action play.


posted by terpkeg

Dec. 10 2008 3:48pm

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