A-Trains's Bookiebuster Pick

I got it once this year. KC and it lost.

Just trying to find out his record for the year so far.

I'm getting it again this week.


posted by eagles-in04

Oct. 14 2004 11:50am

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    What's up?

    I got them the first two weeks and they both lost, he even threw in an extra pick in week two, lost them both. So, of course after that needless to say I was done and haven't even wondered what he's done since.

    Tuff to say WHY? But after you get on a roll and then try to press,alot of times that will do you in.....................?

    There's alot of football savy folks here at this form/site, as much as anywhere and I believe someone/your better off keeping it real on here!




    posted by philp

    Oct. 16 2004 1:14am
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    I got it once this year. KC and it lost.

    Just trying to find out his record for the year so far.

    I'm getting it again this week.

    I have no idea who this guy is, but I have heard his name before. The impression that I got was not good. There are some really good people here, and to quote one - "bet wisely." And another: "Don't take it unless you like it."

    This is my 5th year doing this. I have learned a lot in the past 5 years and each year gets better. It is hard to decide what to take and when not to press. As Phil said, on this site you can get some great insight. Myself, I love to bet and I push my limits too much. I love the challenge and overdo it sometimes. That brings me back to reality pretty quick because when the money is gone, you lose the fun.

    Find a system that works for you. Follow the people that post and watch their records. Most of all, don't bet on a game that you aren't sure about. Also watch out for those that are good at talking up their picks but not good at picking. Someone can make a pick sound great, but they may just be picking on emotion or faulty logic.


    posted by po_man

    Oct. 16 2004 11:56pm
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    Who are the hot pickers to follow and watch!!!


    posted by quill58

    Oct. 17 2004 11:45am
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    Well...It ain't me!!! LOL


    There are a few I like, but I don't like posting names. I make my picks before looking at the forum, then I look for anything I might have missed in other people's opinions. Again, I still don't take somebody else's pick unless I like it too.


    posted by po_man

    Oct. 18 2004 2:18pm

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