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posted by ricky

Oct. 28 2008 11:12pm

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    Another trend game for this Saturday (Bet against road favorites of 7.5 to 14 points coming off a bye week):

    NEW MEXICO +7.5

    I missed one for last night but that Houston-Marshall game fell on a Tuesday, which is kind of an unusual spot when it comes to this trend. The line also hovered around 7, so again, it was a tough go on that one. But props to CC on that one! I probably would have played that as well (what else? a home doggie in primetime).


    posted by jdelt88

    Oct. 29 2008 12:57am
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    UGLY DOGS 2008 23-22-1 (below the Mendoza line with the hooks and juice)

    UGLY DOGS were 4-3 last week (played too many, as usual.....)

    Oct 25 Dogs (original post 3-1 w/Home Dogs)

    Win #40 @DUKE +10½ vs Vanderbilt

    Loss #41 @OHIO STATE +3-vs Penn State

    Win #42 @ARIZONA +16½ vs USC

    Win #43 @HAWAII +3 vs Nevada

    got sloppy added these suckers (1-2) late in the week (too much free time)

    Loss #44 UCLA +18 @ Cal

    Win #45 TEXAS TECH +1½ @ Kansas

    Loss #46 @LSU +1 vs GA (wow was this the wrong side or what?)

    Nov 1 UGLY DOGS

    UGLY DOG #47 DUKE +7½ @Wake Forest

    UGLY DOG #48 AUBURN +7 @Mississippi (bought the ½ hook)

    UGLY DOG #49 @TEXAS TECH +6 vs Texas

    Good luck and be careful, manage your cheese......


    posted by goat-

    Oct. 29 2008 3:44am
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    2-1 last Saturday

    I will try these this week...

    Northwestern (+6.5) at Minnesota

    Iowa (+2.5) at Illinois

    Good Luck on All Of Your Plays!


    posted by the_rookie10

    Oct. 29 2008 4:03pm
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    hey guys,

    everyone knows im not much of a capper been following rocks plays an doing great thanks rock for a great year so far... as for saturday there is a play that falls under a system i follow in college bball and it seems to work in college foots so far this year. its perfect so far probably 5-0? im not sure which teams but i have kept the last two.. the system is rank vs unrank with the rank team being favored in a conference game. the last two games were

    rank byu @ tcu ending line was tcu -2.5 unrank tcu covered

    rank boston college @ UNC -3 unrank UNC covered

    there were probably 2-3 earlier games this year that fell in same category that also covered

    this week another game like this falls in this system

    rank #24 oregan @ california -3



    posted by ltran

    Oct. 30 2008 5:11pm
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    also when college bball starts this year and the system comes in play which is usually beginning of jauary i will post the plays that fall in this category... last year the first ten games that fell in this system went 9-1 or so.. then after that i didn't keep up with it no more..


    posted by ltran

    Oct. 30 2008 5:15pm
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    went back n looked found another game earlier this year that fell in this category which was

    rank virginia tech @ unrank boston college -3 unrank BC covered


    posted by ltran

    Oct. 30 2008 5:17pm
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    One for today.................

    * LSU -26




    posted by beesmart

    Oct. 31 2008 1:20pm
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    hey guys,

    got another game that falls in the system

    unrank wv -3.5 @ rank uconnn


    usually the unrank team is at home but this one is on the road lets see how it do


    posted by ltran

    Nov. 1 2008 4:47am
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    Do not expect much scoring in this game...........

    Georiga Tech / Florida State UNDER 42

    Also like.......

    USC - 46.5

    Texas Tech + 3.5



    posted by pisswilly

    Nov. 1 2008 10:03am
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    Two for me today:

    UNLV +14.5 (I've put half on this, waiting to see if it goes to 15 for the other half)

    NMSU +21.5



    posted by teeks75

    Nov. 1 2008 12:46pm
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    system play rank fl st @ gt-2.5

    play gt


    posted by ltran

    Nov. 1 2008 2:48pm
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    NBA Plays for Today:

    Lakers/Nuggets over 211

    Blazers +9 -- Suns still haven't gotten their act together w/ new coach. I see this continuing today.

    Bucks -1 -- Raptors had a long, tough one yesterday vs GS. I don't see them showing up to play after the travel.

    YTD Record 3-1

    GL All!


    posted by titoleibowitz

    Nov. 1 2008 7:08pm

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