Mejia system for College FB

Just an FYI --

This past week I was curious how the "Mejia system" would work if used in NCAA Football... Mejia is picking games straight up with out a spread at about 80% so the theory (the same in basketball) is to take Mejia's picks where the line is under 3 or at 3... This past week I didn't bet it but kept track... Games where the Line was Under 3 or at 3 Mejia selections on those games finished 5-1... I will continue to follow this to see If maybe we can bust the man with this little system...

till next week...GL


posted by slam

Oct. 11 2004 4:33pm

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    Slam, interesting info. Here are the games that are 3 pts or less:

    Line Mejia

    Ohio St/Iowa OSU 2-2' OSU by 6

    Va/FSU FSU 3 VA by 3

    NC St/Md Md 3 NC St by 11

    Akron/UCF UCF 3 UCF by 4

    NM/UNLV UNLV 2-2' UNLV 4

    so the picks are:

    OSU, Va, NC State, UCF, UNLV, right?


    posted by sesto22

    Oct. 13 2004 1:19pm
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    Okay so this is the 2nd week I have followed this little system and this week it didn't work quite like the first...It went a horrible 1-5... I'll still continue to follow and see how it pans out

    OVERALL 6-6


    posted by slam

    Oct. 18 2004 12:26pm
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    Keep us posted Slam. Would like to hear more.

    Good Luck 2 Everyone


    posted by marc

    Oct. 20 2004 1:50pm

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