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posted by takis28

Sept. 16 2008 6:27pm

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    Ugly Dogs 2-1 last week. Freakin Virginia let their QB play against USC in the opener THEN said he couldn't go to UCONN. The team just didn't show up as the line seemed high to me. Oh well.

    UGLY DOGS 2008 8-4

    Ugly Dog #13 AUBURN +3-120

    Ugly Dog #14 WAKE FOREST +4½-110

    Ugly Dog #15 TENNESSEE U +7½-110

    Good Luck Degenerates


    posted by goat-

    Sept. 17 2008 4:00pm
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    I putting up an early post.........

    Uconn - 13

    Go Huskies!


    posted by pisswilly

    Sept. 17 2008 6:16pm
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    I putting up an early post.........

    Uconn - 13

    Go Huskies!

    Sorry.........Uconn is playing FRIDAY night!!


    posted by pisswilly

    Sept. 17 2008 6:23pm
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    posted by close_call

    Sept. 18 2008 6:02pm
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    Ugly Dog #16 TEMPLE +28-110 @ Penn St

    Joe Pa won't run it up on his likely (IMO) successor Temple head coach Al Golden (who is a God for PSU fans). PSU won at Temple last year 31-0. Temple has been cash for me vs Army, UCONN & Buff this year and I'm stayin on the train.

    Temple are 3-0 in 2008 ATS and 8-2 ATS in their last 10 games on grass

    UGLY DOGS 2008 8-4

    Good Luck Degenerates


    posted by goat-

    Sept. 18 2008 9:04pm
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    A couple to toss out for today............

    * * * Cincinnati -11- * * *

    Miami O. is certainly NOT Oklahoma,but they are overrated. Cincinnati is still a good team, and was hanging right with Okla., but wore down in the 2nd half. Combine Miami's poor offense with a solid Bearcat D and I see very few points for the Redhawks. Everyone knows the Bearcats are with out thair Starting QB, but did you know that they still have 2 solid QB's behind him? More than enough Off. for the Bearcats to roll at home. Cincinnati -11-

    * * * BYU -28 * * *

    What -28 ? Oh, but yes my friend ! Besides the fact the BYU's off. at home will score at will on Wyomings poor def., Wyoming is totally out of wack on offense and especially in the passing game. So the cowboys are on the road,trying to pass and keep up with Max Hall and the boys..........NOT ! BYU -28 ( Also love BYU in the 1st half as well if you can play it)

    * Alabama -5 * 1st half.

    Arkansas is flat out the worst team in the SEC period ! Trying to install a passing game with running recruits and returning only 4 starters on def.! Struggled to pull out win v.s. UL Monroe @home by 1 point and then a 4 point win over powerhouse Western Ill.? Are you kidding me! Playing a SOLID Bama team who's far superior to Ark. in every phase of the game. I look for them to wear the Razorbacks down as the game goes on. Like the first half a bit better as the Tide looks to control the game early and then pound the rock. Roll Tide! (9/9- is a big number to lay one the road in the SEC,but still lean on Bama for the game as well)

    * WAKE FOREST +5 *

    * South Flordia -28- *

    Good luck if you play and if you do play smart !




    posted by beesmart

    Sept. 19 2008 6:49pm
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    VA TECH + 2

    Good Luck


    posted by sundaybreak

    Sept. 19 2008 11:50pm
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    4* Houston Cougars -6.5 ( I think they roll the Rams)

    may add another tomorrow..still watching a a few things!

    BTW. Great Call on Baylor BP $$$


    posted by mustand1z

    Sept. 20 2008 12:48am
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    Take a look at these:

    TENNESSEE +7.5

    TEXAS A&M +4

    AUBURN +2.5

    UCLA +2.5


    posted by jdelt88

    Sept. 20 2008 1:39am
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    If you need some extra action today, hit up CONNECTICUT -6 in lady hoops.


    posted by jdelt88

    Sept. 20 2008 2:09am
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    Sat plays

    Mia O + 11.5

    Troy +20.5

    Marshall + 7.5

    Miss -7

    GL ALL!

    CFB 6-6

    NFL 1-3


    posted by starks104

    Sept. 20 2008 10:36am
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    Missed on UCONN last night. That quarterback for Baylor is a fricking wild man. UCONN missed the 13 point cover but that was a great game. Glad my Huskies are 4-0.

    The score of the LSU / AUBURN game later tonight will probably look like a baseball score.

    ***LSU / AUBURN under 37.5***



    posted by pisswilly

    Sept. 20 2008 11:39am
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    My "Hilly-has-an-accent" special---

    BYU -28

    Miss -7

    Under 49 in Notre Lame v Moosters

    Threw in this "I'm-still-retired" parlay for some couch change...

    Parlay (3 Teams)

    Bet $20.00

    to Win $91.21



    Date Team Line

    09/20/08 NotreDame Under 49

    15:35 ET MichiganSt (-120)

    Buying (0.5 points)

    09/20/08 Mississippi -6

    19:00 ET (-140)

    Buying (1 points)

    09/20/08 BYU -27

    15:00 ET (-130)


    posted by thenooch

    Sept. 20 2008 2:17pm
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    I knew you would be back! Here come the 3am calls again.


    posted by hilly

    Sept. 20 2008 5:24pm
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    Rolling one more out for tonight..............

    * * * Georgia -7- * * *

    Please don't watch T.V. and drink the Az.St. Kool-Aid ! They are nothing more than a slightly better than avg. Pac-10 school,meaning throw the ball around the playground and beat the other also rans, but never beat a good team,i.e. Ga., USC or anybody else with a serious defense. Even without their starting T.B. tonight, not that that would even matter! Ga by 14-24 pts.




    posted by beesmart

    Sept. 20 2008 7:34pm
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    nice calls :hookem:


    posted by ricky

    Sept. 21 2008 12:07am

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