UFC 88

Yoshida over Parisyan 1.5u/3.4u - Yoshida hasnt lost since 05 and he hasnt been fighting cup cakes. He looked great in his ufc debut, i understand kopenhaven is not a world beater. This is a matchup of highly skilled judokas and Parisyan just hasnt looked great in his last 3 fight imo. I think Yoshida is going to be stronger and more explosive. Unless the last loss woke Karo up some and he is training his ass harder than he has in years i think he is in for a decision loss.

Also took Franklin over Hamill at -200 2u/1u - thought i posted this at the time i bet it, but i guess i forgot. this line actually went from -280 and bottomed out at -185 i believe. i still would play now at -225 as i think the line should be around -280 to -300. I know Hamill will have a considerable size ad antage on Hamill, but i dont see Hamill having enough on the feet or the bjj department to win the fight more than 25% of the time. I think Rich will be crafty enough to avoid being smoothered and completely controlled on the ground and will get the better on the feet to take it.


posted by terpkeg

Aug. 26 2008 10:40pm

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    My bad on posting the bad line, as i just checked 5d, cris and bodog have franklin from -240 to -265, at -240 still play put i would prolly have lowered to 1u-1.5u max. at -265 your pushing the limit. may want to see if this moves back down as there has been alot of movement on this.

    i check my mma lines at bestfightodds.com, can see the line movements there and previous lines by clicking on the arrows and fighter name respectively.


    posted by terpkeg

    Aug. 26 2008 10:44pm
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    Pellegrino over Tavaras .5u/1.2u - IMO Tavaras looked like crap the fight before Wiman, the he let Handsome knock him out. Tavaras appears to be a well rounded fighter, but his strength is his bbj. However, Pellegrino is an accomplished grappler amassing over a 95% win percentage grapling before he transfered over to mma. You can see how dissappointed he was that he got caught by Nate after giving him that beat down and i think he comes in a top focus here. I like the +250.


    posted by terpkeg

    Sept. 4 2008 7:17pm

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