**Clemson @ Virginia **

Well Well Well, we have the Clemson Mistakes visiting the Virginia Trojans under the moon on Thursday night !

Let's see, about 3 weeks I had Clemson as a $ Bookie Diamond Cutter $ against Texas A&M. I remember a quote from Tommy Bowden in a campus paper stating that Clemson would be very happy to go 2-1 on their 3 game road trip. Well 2 games have past and Clemson is 0-2. Ya think the bubble has bursted yet for Clemson ? Clemson is on life support and you know what life support = ? A Dangerous team !!! 1 problem. Clemson is only facing the #1 ranked offensive team in the ACC 505ypg, the #1 rated QB in the Country 76%, The ACC's leading TD maker and a group of LB's that could be Clemson's WR's ! Oh and a evil coach that HATES to lose ! So with that said, here are the KEYS to the game ( ATS ) for us to make money $$$$


Must control the ball ! If Clemson trys for the shootout, they lose by 30+ points. The running game is key for the Tigers. If Whitehurst has time to throw the ball, he could take advantage of Virginia's young but fast DB's.

Turnovers. If Clemson can hold onto the ball, they have a chance for a cover in this game. Clemson cant beat theirselves in this game. Virginia turns TO's into points !

LB's have to come up BIG for the Tigers. They must recognize Virginia's zone blocking schemes. They must also contain TE Heath Miller. Clemson's DB's have the talent to contain Virginia's WR's and the outside corners on the running game.


I hate to admit it, but I have to call a spade a spade. The loss of senior DE Chris Canty is HUGE !! Virginia is very young and losing a senior is like losing a leader ! The good thing is, Virginia is very deep on the defensive side og the ball. The young D must overcome this loss. Virginia's 3-4 D should cause problems for Whithurst with the speed of the LB's. Keep an eye on Sophmore Ahmad Brooks. This dude is the real freak. LB/KR/TE.

Virginia's weakness is DB's. You have a converted RB and WR in the secondary. They are young and raw, but have playmaking speed ! These young guys like to jump the route which could mean the homerun !!

The offense needs to play there game and not try to impress the nation Thursday night. They have 3 SOLID RB's and a HUGE OL. Wideouts are banged up for the Cavs, but 2 freshman that can just absoultely FLY will get playing time. QB Marques Hagans will not force the ball and if nothings open, the dude can take it to the house at anytime. Clemson will have to contain this guy !


When Clemson lost to A&M I said to some people that if Virginia was anything less than a 12 fav, I would take a loan out ! Well, it looks like Vegas hit the game on the head with a 15 point spread !

BUT, That was before the injuries to some KEY players on the Cavs. Also dont forget that Virginia travels to Florida St next. They very well could be looking ahead to the showdown with the Noles. Here is the Key stats when all said and done >

Al Groh coming off of a Bye week is like a BANK $$$$$$

I cannot recall the last time Virginia didnt meet expectations on a Thurs night home game and that uncludes Fla St's 1st loss in the ACC !

Emotion is the PRIME factor in College Football and Clemson has none !


I hope the notes and inside factors helps everyone in selecting a winner in this game ! I personally feel I am in a no lose situation b/c if the line climbs, I will bet Clemson and if the line drops, I wil bet Virginia ! I have to see how each team does in practice this week b/4 I make my choice.

Good Luck 2 ALL $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

NCAA 19-11 + 5.6 units

NFL 5-4 - 1.1 units

$ Diamond Cutters $ 5-1 + 39.8 units


posted by sundaybreak

Oct. 4 2004 11:01am

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