UFC 87

On a nice little run over my last 4 events, lets hope it continues. feel like im seeing mma real clear these days.

Maia over McDonald 2u/1.3u (UFC 87) - posted 2 weeks ago, not much value left in the line now that it is at -270 (actually opened at +150), but if it goes back down under -200 i would still take for 2u. Maybe 1u at anywhere from -200 to -225.


Fitch/GSP goes to dec 1u/3.3u

Fitch by Dec .3u/3.5u -

fitch has proved to be very difficult to finish as he has found himself in some tough spots over the last couple years and always finds his way out. GSP has looked great in the last year, but Serra was over matched and Hughes appears to be on the downslide when he fought GSP in dec. Kos hung with GSP a year ago and i thought the fight was closer than many people seemed to. Kos was never threatened to be finished. GSP is arguably much tougher with another year of development and this is a 5 rounder, but i see it going the distance atleast 50/50 and i dont think fitch is getting the respect he deserves. (I know he gets it here as PC called fitch in a title fight about 2 years ago. Great call.)

McCrory over Cummo 2u/2.2 - I believe McCrory to be more explosive in all aspects of his game. Looked real dangerous off back subbing Spratt, I thought he was clearly winning the first 1.5 rds against Gono to he got caught. Cummo does not pose the saem threat as Gono. Missed the +135 bu i think any + is a gift.


posted by terpkeg

Aug. 5 2008 9:27pm

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    I had some time Friday night before a golf tourney..I absolutely love this card and am going big on it:

    LInes as of Friday night:



    7:00 PM 32501 JON FITCH +280

    32502 GEORGE ST PIERRE -350

    7:00 PM 32503 HEATH HERRING +190

    32504 BROCK LESNAR -240

    7:00 PM 32505 ROGER HUERTA +130

    32506 KENNY FLORIAN -160

    7:00 PM 32507 ROB EMERSON +265

    32508 MANNY GAMBURYAN -325

    7:00 PM 32509 JASON MACDONALD +195

    32510 DEMIAN MAIA -245

    4:30 PM 32511 TAMDAN MCCRORY +115

    32512 LUKE CUMMO -145

    4:30 PM 32513 DAN EVENSEN +400

    32514 CHEICK KONGO -550

    4:15 PM 32515 JON JONES +180

    32516 ANDRE GUSMAO -220

    4:00 PM 32517 STEVE BRUNO +255

    32518 CHRIS WILSON -315

    3:30 PM 32519 RYAN THOMAS +200

    32520 BEN SAUNDERS -250

    Fight picks:


    I'm on the Matador Roger Huerta +130.

    3 units to win 3.9 units

    Ken Flo has proven to me has a conditioning freak and great at ju jit su and elbows. Roger Huerta is also a conditioning god. Let's remember this is a 3 round fight, not a five rounder. With 3 rounds, the scoring will come into play. I really don't think Ken Flo can win by submission, Huerta is stronger and polished. So, with both being adept strikers, I give the lean to Huerta. Ken Flo hasn't lost since the fight against Sherk, over 3 years ago. I'm tellin ya, Huerta is gonna surprise and get his shot at B.J.

    BEST BET ON ROGER HUERTA 3 units to win 3.9 units

    I gotta roll on the Texas Crazy Horse. Brock Lesnar is a freak of nature, but is still way behind the game in the MMA cage. His brute strength and home court (fighting in his home state of Minny) are going to be disadvantages. Herring is a MMA Vet and anyone who knows MMA can tell you he's been in wars with the best in the ring. PRIDE fights aside, Herring has turned the corner in the UFC. If he would have managed his fight better, he would have pulled off the upset of the year in beating current UFC champion "Shogun" Rua. However, after nailing and dropping him, he didn't go in for the kill. Herring has legit ju jit su, and that's what Mir used (heel hook off a leg lock) to submit him in the first. In addition, Herring is tough and can take a few shots to lock that limb. Great value.

    1 unit to win 1.9 units on The Texas Crazy Horse Heath Herring


    Terp knows it, if you've been reading the threads over the year, you know it, but Fitch is my boy and he finally gets his shot. Bad matchup with GSP as they are clones, but I still give Fitch the edge on the ground. St. Pierre will probably dominate, but I'm backing my boy on a homer pick.

    1 unit to win 2.8 units on Jon Fitch.


    posted by pc7588

    Aug. 8 2008 11:00pm
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    crazy horse had a chance to finish current champ Nog, not Shogun.

    GL tonight I like Huerta as well.


    posted by cubsphan

    Aug. 9 2008 6:58pm
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    your right...I always mix up Shogun and Minotaur..

    Got absolutely drilled 0-3 ATS 0 minus -5.5 units

    fricken Huerta looked terrible and Fitch is tough as nails, but couldn't get past GSP's athleticism.

    GL all. Sorry for the bad picks but I won't lay or post on 200 or more favorites. However, I wasn't posting dogs hoping, I honestly believed those mofos (other than fitch) were gonna win.

    GL all.


    posted by pc7588

    Aug. 10 2008 10:09am

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