Week 4 Early Picks

OK So I know it's only Tuesday, but some of the early lines are bound to change, and I'm getting some bets in before they go up - I know they're all favorites, but most of these taste GOOD when you break it down:

Best Bet - COLTS -4.5 @ Jaguars (35 pts. in 3 games!?!? C'mon! Colts by 2 TDs)

Best Bet - PATRIOTS -6 @ Bills (I'm riding the Pats until they fail me!)

Best Bet - EAGLES -9 @ Chicago (3 double digit victories in 3 games, let's make it a 4th!!!)

Average Bet - CAROLINA -3.5 vs. Atlanta (Atlanta has been shakey from the gates, and the Vick 'x' factor isn't worth more than a TD to me and only cardinal turnovers prevented a week 3 loss; easy cover for the NFC champs)

Average Bet - JETS -6 @ Dolphins (Miami's defense is nasty, but the team has low morale & the Jets are coming off of their bye week on a roll).


posted by tigertimsju

Sept. 28 2004 11:53pm

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    Welcome to gotpicks tim!

    All of your best bets are AWAY Favs... ARGGGG!!! I've been getting burned by those lately LOL...

    The best one of those IMO is the Patriots as the Bills just have plainly sucked so far... But even better is the UNDER in that game!!! That rivalry is just weird and I don't think I'm gonna bet a side.

    Anyway Good Luck with your plays $$$


    posted by ricky

    Sept. 29 2004 12:00am
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    Oh. Of your picks, the JETS are the best overall... FADE MIAMI ALL YEAR $$$$ LMAO


    posted by ricky

    Sept. 29 2004 12:02am
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    too many away favs there kid


    posted by tmoney

    Sept. 29 2004 7:39pm
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    all faves huh? i like houston as an underdog at home....i only want them to win to see carr cut his hair.


    posted by sweetmeat

    Sept. 29 2004 11:37pm
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    Texans at home is way to risky with the Raiders... they could suck or blow it up... I'm staying away from that.


    posted by tigertimsju

    Sept. 30 2004 5:17pm

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