UFC 85

Like Cane and Sanchez as doggies.

Sanchez opened at +220, movin down to +170, i think it continues to drop. Ardonk shouldnt be favored in an MMA fight against anyone respectable, which Sanchez is coming off a nice upset win.

Lambert hasnt looked good is last few years except for flsh ko of babalu and he has man boobs. For real tho, i hear good things about Cane and he seems to be pretty well rounded. Can get +135 now at 5D.

Also, like M. Davis to keep the mo going, should be in running for FofN, but like Davis says, he can knock anyone out and his chin has never failed him in 15+ MMA fights and 15+ boxing matches (believe he was 17-1 pro boxing. Ground game has evolved, likes fighting in Europe.



posted by terpkeg

June 6 2008 6:28pm

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