I just watched Kimbo struggle to win tonight on national TV. He was fucking gassed after being taken to the ground! Let them keep throwing cardboard giants at him and build him up, then I will hammer the first decent opponent that steps in front of him!!! When will elite approach Sean "THE CANNON" Gannon and bring him in to defeat Slice for a SECOND time....Only this time, Slices entourage of animals wont be able to beat Gannon into the hospital and take his 25K after the fight!!! GANNON!!!!!!!!! :hookem:


posted by thebigmessy

May 31 2008 11:59pm

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    lmao. crazy fight! gross ending


    posted by ricky

    June 1 2008 12:20am
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    effin TiVO. I gave that fight an extra 30 minutes when I programmed it and I only go to watch the first 3 minutes before it cut off.

    Does anyone know where I can download it?


    posted by sherlock37

    June 1 2008 9:19am
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    Just watched a bad Utube video. Watching the fight, it feels like it was fixed to get Kimbo to win. He doesn't defend himself against 50 elbows, no problem, then in the third, he hits Thompson twice and the ref calls the fight. EliteXC needed Kimbo to win to market their brand. The fix was in.


    posted by sherlock37

    June 1 2008 9:45am

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