Anyone like Under 47.5 in VaTech/NCSU?

Looks pretty good to me. I saw that NCSU game last week, their QB was awful vs Ohio State (12-24, 3 picks, 1 TD in garbage time, 3 sacks) and now he goes on the road. (I'm not putting anything into the 42-0 beating of IAA Richmond). NCSU's defense looked real good holding OSU to one TD, 64 rushing yards, 73 passing yards, 3 of the 5 FGs were from 46+ yards.

Throwing out Tech's thrashing of W Michigan (63-0), they lost 13-24 to USC and beat Duke at home 41-17. This will be the first tough D they've seen in a few weeks now. I can't see NCSU being able to throw the ball, so Tech will be ready for nothing but the run. Only issue I could see is Tech getting great field position on TOs, I guess that could go for NCSU too.

Saying all this, I'm sure the final score will be 42-37. Just curious if anyone has an opinion on the O/U in this game. Thanks.


posted by teeks75

Sept. 24 2004 12:27pm

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