Orangemen at Virginia

Every handicapping service in the free world is on Virginia. 94% of the public on them too...

Does this scare anybody??


posted by ricky

Sept. 22 2004 12:28pm

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    Yeh, that #'s a little scary. I'd be curious to hear what Sunday thinks about that. My friend ended up comping me tixx to the game, I don't want to sit there all pissed off if I'm losing money.

    Still, Cuse QB first career start, Cuse on grass, Cuse got smacked by quality opp on road, Cavs blasting opponents, Cavs want to prove a point as I guess people feel this is their toughest opponent yet (which isn't saying much). If Orange couldn't score vs Purdue, what are they gonna do against this D?

    Maybe first half (haven't seen line yet)? Here are UVA's halftime scores re-posted:

    @ Temple, 30-0 (final 44-14)

    v. UNC, 35-10 (56-24)

    v. Akron, 34-0 (51-0)


    posted by teeks75

    Sept. 22 2004 1:40pm
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    I booked Va 1st H -14...


    posted by ricky

    Sept. 22 2004 2:21pm

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