Baseball is coming....

....and I can't frickin wait. This is the best sport to bet. If you haven't bet baseball, make sure you start with a decent bankroll. Only play money lines, the run line is for suckers....

I'll be talkin smack on baseball on this board, i had an incredible season last year and hope we can all smash the books this year. Good Prop teams to take:

To win the AL Central: Royals 5:1

To win the West: Seattle 4 1/2 to 1

To win the NLCS: Astros 10:1, Marlins 12:1, Dodgers 13:1

I'm staying away from ALCS props: Yankees and Red Sox are loaded and you'll have to get through both of them (same division won't play in first round of playoffs) to win a prop on any other team. Yankees are +275 and Red Sox +250. Just not worth it.

Good luck and I'll be yappin like crazy come April 1.


posted by pc7588

Feb. 2 2004 11:21am

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