Picks for Thur Mar 20'th

Hello everyone, goodluck with your plays all the best in the Big Dance.

Congrats to Kellyguns / Hilly and anyone else that I have missed it was a great day.



posted by takis28

March 20 2008 1:44am

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    thx for tulsa sir$


    posted by ricky

    March 20 2008 7:35am
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    Day session, good luck players.

    Georgia/Xavier Under 129.5

    UGA shooting 38.6% away, Xavier 44.7%. Both give up under 43%. Under has hit in 5 of L7 for Xavier; 5 of L6 for UGA. Overall away, Under 6-9 for Xavier, 7-10 for UGA. 1*

    Temple +7

    One of the better ATS teams in the country and the only team in tourney to win 7 straight ATS.

    Away records: Temple 13-6 ATS (11-8 SU), MSU 7-6 ATS (8-8 SU)

    Both teams shoot just under 45% on the road, with Temple holding opps to 40.7% (MSU 43%). MSU with a big adv in reb margin, Temple with the TO margin adv. I think this is a real even match-up, so I’m taking the points. One of the sides I like most opening round. A-10 4-1 ATS in post-season (two covers by dd). 3*

    Baylor/Purdue Over 141

    Think each team hits 70+. On the road, Baylor giving up 82ppg, while scoring 84. Purdue averaging 70 on the road, but should get more vs a Baylor team that has given up less than 71 only once in their last 10 games. In a tight game, both teams over 70% from the line (Baylor 74.2%, Purdue 70.6%). Away: Baylor Over 9-4, Purdue 8-6. Some other trends point to Over as well. 4*

    Kent State -2

    I see the MAC and MWC as being very comparable (each with 5 teams in Top 100). UNLV is a real good team…..at home (20-2). On the road they are only 6-5 SU and ATS. Kent State, who has basically the same Sagarin sos (125 vs 121), is 12-6 SU on the road (10-8 ATS), and I basically just need them to win (I just sealed their fate to win by 1). KS shoots it at 46% away from home, UNLV only 40.8%. KS gives up 41.3%, UNLV 43.4%. 1*



    posted by teeks75

    March 20 2008 7:49am
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    March Madness Baby $$$$$$$$$$$

    Day 1 Picks...

    Belmont +20

    Temple +7 1/2

    Kent St. -2

    Purdue -3

    WVU -2


    posted by honicky23

    March 20 2008 8:59am
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    Here are my 3 Prop Bets for the dance...

    UNC to win it +400

    Texas to make Final Four +300

    WVU to make Elite Eight +1185


    posted by honicky23

    March 20 2008 9:00am
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    Didn't make it back in yesterday to post but both leans did hit!!!!

    Good Luck on day one of the MaDnEsS!!!!


    posted by thebigmessy

    March 20 2008 9:10am
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    Messy: you gonna ride Boston College?


    posted by sherlock37

    March 20 2008 9:23am
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    Xavier -8

    Baylor +3.5

    Ricky thxs bro;)



    posted by takis28

    March 20 2008 10:03am
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    Xavier -8

    Mich St 1h -3.5

    KU -13 1h



    posted by hilly

    March 20 2008 10:03am
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    Thursday's 6-Pack of Madness....

    Portland St +22.5

    Kentucky +6

    USC -3.5

    Wazzou -9

    BYU +2

    Cal St Fullerton +11

    GL Boys 8)


    posted by phball101

    March 20 2008 10:08am
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    Free pick from wunderdog

    Game: Portland State vs. Kansas (12:25 PM Eastern)

    Pick: Game Total UNDER 145.5 -110

    The problem for the Vikings here is that their output against the few top-caliber teams they have played this year has not been good. But in those games they did manage to slow the pace. You can bet Portland State isn't interested in getting into a track meet with Kansas. They are going to slow this game down as much as they can, try to drop some 3's, and hang tough. Their game with UCLA featured just 117 total points. Against Akron 129 were scored. And a total of 132 was reached vs. Washington State. Kansas has slowed down a bit offensively as the season has worn on. They failed to reach 70 points just once in their first 24 games and have since failed to reach the 70-point mark in four of their last ten. Their early season out-of-conference games against some weaker teams showed them going 8-3 to the UNDER as well. In non-conference games overall the past two seasons, the Jayhawks are 19-10 UNDER. We like this one to stay UNDER the posted total.


    posted by sherlock37

    March 20 2008 11:07am
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    No time for write ups. 7-6-1 for March (up 3 units)

    Michigan State -7.5 (3 units)

    Marquette -6

    Kent St. -2

    Go Spartans!



    posted by frosty

    March 20 2008 11:23am
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    KU -6 2h


    posted by hilly

    March 20 2008 1:15pm
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    I haven't followed much college hoops this year, but here are a couple games that look good:


    BYU +1


    posted by jdelt88

    March 20 2008 1:20pm
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    RUn till the FINAL FOUR

    record 16-19


    ARIZONA +2

    BAYLOR +3



    posted by southern5061

    March 20 2008 2:05pm
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    Xavier -8

    Mich St 1h -3.5

    KU -13 1h


    3-0 Start!! Lost KU 2h so 3-1


    Baylor +3

    Pitt Under 129



    posted by hilly

    March 20 2008 2:56pm
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    Ouch, that's a quick 3-3

    Going to the bar, GL everyone


    posted by hilly

    March 20 2008 4:58pm
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    1-3 early for –1.5, good thing Baylor Over hit. Rode a little too to be slightly +. Thanks to all.

    Southern Cal -3

    USC 11-6 ATS away (11-6 SU), KSU 3-11 ATS (5-9 SU).

    Neither fared well vs Top 25 (using Sagarin), but vs 26-50: USC 6-2 SU (KSU is 31)

    USC shoots impressive 50% away and gives up only 39.3%. KSU shoot 45%, gives up large 47.7%.

    KSU does have a big advantage in reb margin. KSU 0-7 ATS L7. 2*

    BYU/Texas A&M Under 128.5

    Neither team shoots/scores real well on the road: A&M 59.7/40% and BYU 66/42.1%. BYU only gives up 38.6%. Both do well on the boards, so hopefully this cancels out offensive put backs. Both pretty poor on FT’s too: A&M 63.7% and BYU 65.8%. Away: BYU Under is 11-3, A&M 12-6. 1*

    GMU/ND Over 141.5

    It’s 70’s across the board here in road games: ND scores 78.4 (45.1%) while GMU gives up 70.2 (46.4%). Thomas is good for GMU, but Harangody should get plenty. GMU scores 71.0 (48.1%) and ND gives up 78.8 (44.3%). Watch for GMU to up the tempo, as “Larranaga preached to his players that speed will be their best bet to topple their 5th seeded opponent.” Most CAA games grind it out, but GMU has shown they can play high scoring games (Ex. Neutral games vs Villanova and KSU scored 76 and 87), although they have had some ugly games too. Over 7-3 L10 for ND and 8-3 L11 as a fav. Away: GMU Over 12-6-1, ND 8-5. 4*


    posted by teeks75

    March 20 2008 5:31pm
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    Xavier -8

    Baylor +3.5

    Ricky thxs bro;)


    1-1 afternoon posted picks adding.....

    WVU -2

    Kansas St +3.5



    posted by takis28

    March 20 2008 6:36pm
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    Good Evening Folks ~~~~~~

    George Mason + 7

    Good Luck !!!


    posted by sundaybreak

    March 20 2008 8:39pm
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    First off thanks the kind words takis28

    picks for friday in the nhl

    With Washington losing Wed. it's a must win in Atlanta. The net minder for the caps with be Huet who has been hot sense joining the caps. Kolzig started in their lose to Chicago. Washington will win in a high scoring game.

    Washington is a must pick.

    Good luck and lets win some $


    posted by kellysguns

    March 21 2008 12:24am

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