WHAT A SHAME !!!!!!! C'MON !!!!

What was one dominant has now become defeated. What we used to look towards, we now find ourself's looking away and what we once sought after for money, now has no time to invest.

If you carry that attitude, then you expect the same results.

This is the first time I have been on GP's in almost 2 months or longer. I have read thru some of the post and I find myself reading from the die hard committed players that built this site. I don't have to mention any names, as for every name that I mention, I will leave out one, so what's the point ?

FIRST - You can thank Ricky for buliding this site about 4 years ago during his Christmas break while on vacation with his family. Times were tough at CBS and a change needed to be made and change was made. Going against the grain, Ricky invited everyone from CBS to join Gotpicks. The dude never asked for a penny. Some said it wouldn't last while others said, this was the best safe haven known to a gambler. Looks like both were right. The ones that said this was the BEST place are still here and the ones that said it wouldn't make it are still here. Many have used this site to elevate their game while others have used it to elevate their name. Some have showed their appreciaton trying to help others and some have showed their selfinish by trying to take away from others.

I have read PC's both on numerous times. It's a point that has been made before. It's not a hard formula. I have never had a problem with guys posting picks trying to help others, but posting picks in a hobby that is money related with no foundation is another story.

This site has the ability to be ROCK solid with the members involved. We always think the grass is greener on the other side, but 9 times out of 10, we always resort back to what got us here.. Mostly everyone here stays on top of their game, so why do we think anyone out there is any better ? I must admit, there is a difference in talent though. As PC stated, when you have one posting a game with details compared to one posting a game with a name, then we have a problem... These guys need to be seperated. However it needs to be done it needs to be done !!


1) No one ever remembers how fast you did a job, but they will always remember how well you did it !!

A) Cap a game honestly. Give yourself every opportunity to succeed !!! It takes more time, but at least you know it is done right !!!!

2) No one is ever defeated, they just merely give-up !!

A) If it ain't workin, change it and make it right. Don't quit !!

3) If your audience aren't learning in a way you are teaching, then you must teach in a way for them to learn !!

A) Work with each other, not against each other. Nobody gives a shit about yesterday and what you did. Are you working for today or tomorrow ?????

4) Amost means not quite and not quite means not right and not right means wrong..If it's wrong, fix it..

A) Don't shortcut yourself. Do it right the first time. It's takes less time to do it right then explain why you did it wrong..

5) If you really really want to do something, you'll find a way, if not, you'll find a way..

A) A winner is a winner and a loser is a loser. Most people have reasons why something didn't work, but they never really have an excuse. Be like Nike and Just Do It !!!!

I could go on and on, but really, there is no need...

Gotpicks is a great site, but there is no value left.. The value can always be brought back. Almost like a company in Bankrupt. The solution however must be different. Another old saying. You can NEVER solve a problem at the same level awareness that created the problem.

Maybe it's time to add a twist. Maybe it's time to have a Pay forum with the level of membership in that forum. You pay for what you get and if it's free, that's what you get...

Ricky, I have a plan that should be effective if your interested. If not, I totally understand !!

Don't give up on this site just yet...To many fighters here to give up !!!


March madness is upon us.. Basketball has been great YTD.. Profit in the NBA for the first time ever.

Now it's time for the CBB hoops baby !!

**Billz, I have even been bitch slapping some women hoops. JMU SU over ODU about 10 days ago was a GOAL MINE BABY $$$$$$$$$$$ I was at the game. Tamara Young can ball. She's a Freak !!, LMAO !! OMG, I'm talking about Biatch hoops, HELP ME !!!




posted by sundaybreak

March 15 2008 11:35pm

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    Wise Words Break! As usual!

    GotPicks needs to File Chapter 11 ... Reorganization !!!!!

    Its all good .. and honestly I have nothing to add .. I do believe that between PC and Break, enough has been said!



    posted by dab2dap

    March 16 2008 11:54pm
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    IF this site goes pay.......will that mean we can get Ballin pick 4 free?? :shock:


    posted by phantom

    March 17 2008 3:52pm
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    posted by dab2dap

    March 17 2008 3:59pm

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