Picks for Thur Mar 13'th

GLTA...a great day to gamble...Let's roll fellas.


posted by pc7588

March 13 2008 8:27am

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    Great day yesterday fellas! Anyone in chat knows we cashed a ton of tickets. Today I'll start with Uconn and Miami. Uconn is getting a pile of action I know but I just can't see this one not happening. DABEET goes on!!


    posted by hilly

    March 13 2008 10:47am
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    Wunderdog's free pick:

    Game: Villanova vs. Georgetown (12:00 PM Eastern)

    Pick: Villanova +7 (-110)

    We had to ponder some numbers regarding Georgetown. Why does a team that shoots 48.3% and 37.1% from three-point range, as well as the best FG percentage defense in the country at 36.4% (and just 29.1% from beyond the arc) struggle against good teams? We have the answer, and along with it, why there is value on Villanova today. Georgetown has dominated the bottom of the conference winning virtually every game by double-digits. It has been a completely different story against the top nine teams, those that are on the bubble, or NCAA tournament teams. All eight games against the bottom resulted in double-digit wins. Their 10 against the top nine have resulted in one double-digit win, three losses, and six wins all decided by three points or less. This is why. They average three more turnovers per game, they are sending the opponent to the line eight more times per game, and they are giving up four more offensive rebounds per game. They have committed more turnovers than these opponents in nine straight games, sent the opponent to the FT line in seven straight for more attempts (10 on average), and have given up 5.4 more offensive rebounds per game in the last eight. That means 10 free throws at an average of 70% is seven points lost, which means that three more possessions at a conversion rate of 40% is 2.4 points and 5.4 more offensive rebounds at a conversion rate of 40% is 4.3 points a game. The Hoyas are spotting opponents 13.7 points a game! These teams also shoot better than what they allow on the season. The bottom line is Villanova is fighting to get over the bubble and Georgetown finds a way to win these games, but not by this size margin. Value on Nova.


    posted by sherlock37

    March 13 2008 11:20am
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    GS +7


    Uconn -3

    Southern Miss -1.5

    GL all


    posted by close_call

    March 13 2008 12:22pm
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    Run till the FINAL FOUR

    record 7-6




    Wallace questionable for the CAVS today and Jamison looks to play for the WIZ. Watch out, Wash puts the wood to CLEVE today....



    Didnt PSU take down ILLINOIS twice this season? And now they are 8 pt dogs? Sounds fishy, and going against one of PC's cardinal rules, but this line is off.

    UCLA -12.5

    The Bruins put a pounding on CAL today, who won an unimpressive game vs. Wash last night. UCLA clear cut, top team in the PAC 10, rolls in game 1 of the conference tourney.



    posted by southern5061

    March 13 2008 1:12pm
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    2-4 posted (up 3 units)

    Still won yesterday, just didn't post after the early loss on the 'Cuse!

    Time to turn it around on my posts!!

    One to start for today:

    USC -4

    I see them coming out with a lot of energy today. They want to improve their seed and I think they are a very dangerous team not only for the Pac 10 tourney but also the NCAA. I also like the under in this game- check out PC's write up in the Service forum!


    posted by frosty

    March 13 2008 1:57pm
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    Two others for ya:

    Stanford -2 1/2

    They finished the regular season with two tough losses here in L.A- one to UCLA that was very questionable. Arizona is fighting for their tournament life, but they are coming up against an angry team in the Cardinal. Look for the twins to dominate this game.

    Nebraska -2

    They are playing for a bid. Missouri is playing for nothing. Enuff said!


    posted by frosty

    March 13 2008 2:07pm
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    Thats all, just those 3 today.

    Nice hit on PSU, terrible line..... sitting here with some PSU Alumns... thought they might win straight up! Good Luck tonight all!

    PC bro, great hit on MIA under and USC under... keep bangin bro!


    posted by southern5061

    March 13 2008 5:04pm
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    Temple -7.5

    Marq -1

    Ga Tech +1

    Mizzu +2

    Neveda -8

    And 1 NBA = Golden St +7.5

    Good luck and smart betting !!!!!


    posted by wardawg14522

    March 13 2008 6:34pm
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    PHBALL!!!! WHERE ARE UUUUUUUU!!!??? :shock:


    posted by phantom

    March 13 2008 9:24pm
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    robbed in the NBA.... Wiz... make ur free throws bros.... 2-1 today.

    OVERALL: 9-7 .... back tommorow!





    UCLA -12.5 W


    posted by southern5061

    March 13 2008 10:59pm

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