Hardest sport to tip?

Just checked out CJHIlls stat report card for this website - which confirmed in numbers what I had felt in the wallet:

NCAAB is either the hardest sport to tip


everyone posting tips should do more research

I have been following these forums since they started and been following some advice on NHL and NCAAB (sports I can't follow so well from AUstralia) and taking tips where there is a strong consensus from the board. I'm getting absoloutely CANED!

My wins from NBA are only just managing to equal out my losses on NHL and College hoops - and that is exactly what CJHills stats show: A number of cappers with winning records in NBA, but barely a couple are winners with the college game.

Is it a hard game to understand? ( with all the conferences etc) or is everyone ready to turn it on soon? Will following tips during the finals/tournament stage be better? Otherwise will stick with the NBA.



posted by nastyd33

Feb. 2 2004 2:29am

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