What's on Tap for the SB Niggas ???

I'm almost 100% guaranteed to have a money in your pocket play..

This MOFO is what we call a conservative approach with an High Risk pay back. Who fucks with the stock market on a daily basis ?? exACTly $$$$$

Just don't know who is still apart of this group ???????

Fill me in $$$$$$$$


posted by sundaybreak

Feb. 2 2008 11:03pm

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    What ya got cookin in that pot Breaker? I have a strong lean to the under bro but would love to hear from the rest of the group. Also on the prop side I have one I like alot:

    B Jacobs to score a td = Yes +105


    posted by hilly

    Feb. 2 2008 11:43pm
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    Full Card:

    Under 55

    Pats 1h -5

    Plax Over 5 receptions +120

    Jacobs to score a TD +105

    Tails -115


    posted by hilly

    Feb. 3 2008 5:51pm

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