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Welp, this is what we have come to, so here it is fellas !!

I donty have to boast any records, any STRONG Plays. Just play the game and ask the bookie for the money in advance !! Happens every frickin time !! Games will have write-ups, matching stength's vs weakness, pro-rated points used by odds-makers for trends, home-field and injuries. Every aspect will be covered from QB reads, zones, OL ratings, speed times from the NCAA & NFL !

Any questions, just ask.

Will hit around 70% and anything less than 62% would be a joke !!

Here are the prices !!

STRONG PLAYS**********( Bookie Diamond Cutters ) ***** $19.95ea

There will be 1 of these for the NCAA and 1 for the NFL $$$$$$$$$$$$$

The Fat Bastard will feel the PAIN from these explosive plays ! Will cut straight from his gut to his wallet, watch !!!!!!!

BEST BETS************* ( Common Denominator ) **** $9.95ea

There will be 1 of these for the NCAA and 1 for the NFL $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Simply formula, has worked for years, no questions asked !! You start with the 3 X factors when capping a game and if all goes well, you use the last denominator to convince your wager. BAM !!

Good Luck 2 ALL $$$$$$$$


posted by sundaybreak

Aug. 31 2004 5:41pm

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    NO CHARGING on this end BUT don't think for a FUCKING minute that you need a pay service !!!!!!!!!

    FUCK these idiots that come on with 3 outs left or 3 minutes left in a game and say they have this team or that team !!!!

    To many fucking good cappers here to put up with that BULLSHIT and if you think you need to pay for opinions, THEN CARRY YOUR ASS SOMEWHERE ELSE, LOSERSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!

    This a FREE site and we will keep it that WAY !!!!!!

    Now get a life and NJOY the FREE ride !!!!!!!!!!

    Good Luck 2 all


    posted by sundaybreak

    Sept. 3 2004 1:34am

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