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I know that I am kind of biased here but I think that a game to give a serious look at is the Ole Miss -3 vs. Memphis. All time record Ole Miss 42-9-2. Memphis has won ONCE EVER in Oxford. You know that the public will be all over Memphis seeing all the hype that they have been getting this post-season. Plus the fact that most sportswriters have the Rebs picked next to last in the SEC. Apparently everyone thinks Eli not only threw the ball but he also caught it, ran it, kicked it, and played defense. Ole Miss is a solid team and I never bet with my team, but I knew this line was going to be low and I might just have to take the Rebs. I look for the game to be close but by the 4th the big, experienced, quality Ole Miss offensive line will be pushing the Tigers around. By the way I am pumped for another year of football. Good luck everyone.


posted by olemissreb80

Aug. 30 2004 10:50pm

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    I'm an old old Ole Miss fan --- class of '60.

    I'm afraid hard times are ahead. Eli rose above the coaching and carried the team with him. So much for the last three years, and now the future.

    It is possible that we can get to 3 - 2 before reality shows up again. I suspect that we will need a lot of luck to finish 6 - 5.

    But "hope springs eternal."


    posted by graymagus

    Sept. 21 2004 12:12pm

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