Damn, Nothing in the HOF section since the 17th ?

That is rough guys.

You mean that 1 person doesn't have the time to throw out a sure fiyah winner for everyone else ???


posted by sundaybreak

Dec. 19 2007 11:50pm

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    On the damn bowl pool. Deadline was today so you'll see me around Friday posting again.

    Have a good one.


    posted by pc7588

    Dec. 20 2007 11:15am
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    Hey Guys,

    Pitt/StL U 44 (Top Play)

    After surrendering a total of 63 points in their last two games, I truly believe that the Steelers' defense will come to play tonight and will be the difference.

    some trends..

    Pitt is 1-5 U L6 games after allowing > 150 yds rushing previous game

    Pitt is 1-5 U when playing teams < .500 TY

    Pitt is 2-9 U L3 years on turf

    Pitt is 1-5 U L3 years when playing in a dome

    Pitt is allowing only 16 ppg & STL only scores 16 ppg

    Bowl Selection for tonight...

    Take Utah -7 (-125)

    Good Luck,

    Rockman :mrgreen:


    posted by rockman

    Dec. 20 2007 4:42pm
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    I think Utah is a pretty decent play, but I like the

    UNDER 65.5 a little bit better..

    Been looking at this all day so I have had some time to review the numbers, which could be scary as shit,lol

    Good Luck


    posted by sundaybreak

    Dec. 20 2007 5:48pm
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    Let's roll PC Style:

    Oklahoma under 133 1/2 against the Zags...


    posted by pc7588

    Dec. 20 2007 7:11pm
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    :oops: on a cold streak here :oops:

    hopin cal st fullerton -6.5 can pull me out of it..... :wink:


    posted by phantom

    Dec. 20 2007 7:19pm

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