WEC 12-12 on Versus

I'm only playing one small one...

I like Cub Swanson to stop Jens Pulver in his UFC debut. Swanson's no joke...this is not a warm up for Pulver..but a legit match to move up the ladder.

Cub Swanson +125 for me but small.

Event is free on Vs. at 8:30PM CST

I could offer opinions but man I wouldn't advise anyone to play -350 or higher on anything. You'll never see me release that.

have a good one. I got Cub for 1 unit..not advising it..just posting if your gonna watch the event.


posted by pc7588

Dec. 12 2007 8:14pm

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    Hey PC

    How did you feel about this card. I thought it was pretty awesome. And free for that matter. Wec is doing some good things. The only thing I wish they wouldn't do is let Mir do the post fight interviews. He gets so nervous in front of the camera. He is a great play by play guy. And he looked in mean shape. Lesnar could be in some trouble.


    posted by oakland4life

    Dec. 31 2007 12:46pm

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