As I've gotten to know people on this site, it's become invaluable for trading info and information OUTSIDE of the gambling world. I recently made a job offer to a trusted member of the GP family. Here's my point..

You think it would be beneficial to have a "classifieds" or "want ads" section of GP where we can help each other in the following examples:

--selling stuff

--exchange or posting on tickets to sporting events. I would love to catch a USC game but I don't know anyone out there other than Como and Billz to get tickets.

--job offerings

--condo/vacation exchange, etc.

We talk about being a community. Well, it definetely is a gambling community, but I've benefited from meeting people here.

Another, for instance....

Our company is going to break ground on a new warehouse in my hometown. There is a very good chance the financing will go through a GPer, the title and escrow through a GPer and some of the potential new staff are candidates for positions. Don't ask me who..it's their business and I'll keep it private out of respect.

Just an idea, but I'm big on networking in life (could you guess I'm in sales and operations) and this site could be a big help in little things like getting tickets to a game and a big thing like hooking up people with jobs or renting my time share.

That's all I got...just an idea...any feedback or interest?


posted by pc7588

Nov. 30 2007 12:34pm

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    I have a friend who works for UCLA she gets us tickets every year to the USC & UCLA game. Dont know if next year you would want to make the trip to CA. but can get them! This is always a huge game out here and allot of fun. The tailgate party's are off the hook.

    Saw your post and thought I would just extend that out there to you.


    posted by scrilla719

    Nov. 30 2007 2:00pm
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    PC. I think that you have a nice idea here. I am currently looking for a Nintendo Wii for my little brother and sister. So if anyone has one and is willing to sell for a resonable price, just send me a pm.

    to win


    posted by towin

    Dec. 16 2007 1:44pm
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    Half of America is looking for one as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    posted by ultimatecapper

    Dec. 17 2007 8:29am
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    I know that many ppl are looking for the Wii, but how would I know if anyone on this site has one, unless I ask. So thanks for the captain obvious answer and the exclemation points, but what good did it do to make that statement. So thanks for the brillant observation and have a good holiday.

    to win


    posted by towin

    Dec. 17 2007 8:43pm
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    Ultimate capper has a twisted sense of humor and is a bigger smart ass than Don Rickles...looks like em too$$$


    posted by pc7588

    Dec. 18 2007 10:14am
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    Captain Obvious would like to extend his most sincere apology to Captain Sensitive.


    If I had known that exclamation points were truly detrimantal to your well being I would have refrained from using such a hideous use of vocabulary. Good luck in your search of a Wii. I will be pulling for you.

    FYI even if anyone on this site has one I am sure it is in pawn since everyone I know that gambles got destroyed the past few weeks.....

    Salut Captain Sensitive,

    Captain Obvious


    posted by ultimatecapper

    Dec. 18 2007 10:52am
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    To shay, (I know that is not how that is spelled). Sorry about the sensitivity, had a rough weekend and the gamblin gods did not look kindly on me. I appreciate the apology, even though it had some sarcasm with it, but captain sensitive was a good name, i like it, I hope you dont mind if I use that one time on some one else. Hope the gambling gods were kinder to you then me this weekend.

    Happy Holidays

    to win


    posted by towin

    Dec. 18 2007 5:39pm
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    To Win, or should I say, Captain Sensitive.......

    See...You should have played college ball and you would have a chance at your coveted Wii....

    Good article!!!


    posted by ultimatecapper

    Dec. 20 2007 4:29pm

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